2017 LRRS | So It Begins

I am SUPER late on updating my blog these last few weeks, let’s be honest its been stagnant for more than two months now! Since then I have managed to get one round of racing in under my belt but unfortunately I missed round 2 last weekend and will be missing the classic this upcoming June as well. Why am I missing so many you ask? I will be spending the first part of June traveling to Europe again, Barcelona and Rome, to get away from the hustle and bustle for a little while, this is also the reason why I missed out on round 2.

A need to be away from motorcycles for a little bit and recharge the mental batteries was in short order. Don’t get me wrong I love bikes, heck even my job revolves round it, but life’s been so hectic as of late that I really needed to take a step back and do something else that I enjoy. Don’t worry though because part of the Europe trip does include a trip to the Catalan GP!!!!

I also wanted to try something different with these race reports this season by doing a vlog style post instead of a text one. Doing this I hope to show people what goes on at the track while we’re there racing, talking shop, hanging out, shooting the shit, cooking a burger, changing a tire, prepping for wet races and everything in-between. The more I do these the better they will become over time so here is my first crack at this race report:


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