Pinning the World

Everyone wants to travel, some have the means to make it happen as often as they like, others, like myself, have to work to save monies and days off in order to explore. I’ve had this thought in the back of my head for as long as I care to remember of just dropping everything, packing a backpack and circumnavigate the globe. The older I became the more these thoughts turned into ever longing hunger with the only way to be satiated is to fulfill its every beckon call. I gave in to the twists and knots of the hunger and now I am starting the small steps towards planning a worldwide tour of epic proportions.


If you’re not into pinning the map still makes for great wall art.

Step one in my many step tour is to dream of destinations. For this I acquired a world pin map from MapRepublic. I have always wanted one of these but to the avail of my own laziness I never got around to getting it. Now with one in my possession along with copious amounts of colored pins I am ready to start plotting.


The map itself is large standing in at solid 24”X36” allowed it to command valuable space on any wall one would hang it on. It came framed, or rather I was too lazy to frame it on a cork board myself, which is a very nice feature! The map’s details were immaculate from the topography prints all the way to the depths of blue hues to depict ocean vastness. The only caveat with the map is the amount of cities it listed, or rather the little there was. Of course this is my own personal gripe as they did have the capitals of each state and or nation but not some of the more prominent cities, I can live with that though.


A lot of red pins over America. I saw 26 states during my road trip after college. It was a spectacle to behold.

There were pins included and your choices were black, white, red or a variety of a few colors. I went with the variety. Be careful though because if you’re like me and have been to a lot of places you’ll need A LOT of one solid color to pin everywhere you’ve been! One gold pin is included in the lot and that is mainly for THE MOST SPECIAL place of yours on the map. Be it your home, your wedding location, where you felt most infinite, anything that means something to you. I pinned my current home, but I feel this will change in the future.

After I pinned where I’ve been I started on where I wanted to go. It didn’t take long before I too ran out of a single solid color pin. Too ambitions in my first world venture one would think but why not pin your heart out. Visually I was seeing my map coming together, the routes and their endless combinations were right there before my eyes. With the remaining pins I stored away in hopes of suggestions from fellow wander lusters. Would I suggest this particular map to anyone? Yes, and that’s not a plug neither. Compared to others I have found this was the best quality, size, map features and accessories I had come across. Heck I even got two of my friends to jump on board and acquire one for them.

For now I will keep pinning but to my travelers keep both eyes open and heart to the wind!


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