Turn Up the Volume | Hindle EVO Megaphone Exhaust

Waylon tightened everything down on my bike when the new gaskets came in and fitted the system with all the necessary hardware that Hindle included to get you going. I mocked up the remaining bodywork as well as hooked up the gas feeds for its first start up.

Hindle’s EVO Megaphone system comes with everything seen here (hardware too but I got lazy and didn’t snap that photo).

I have always had reservations about exhaust systems on 600cc motorcycles. Not because they don’t add performance to the bike, not at all, but rather to me they all almost sounded the same, with the exception of some of the more cheaply made/r&d units that sound like trash altogether. I had a Yoshimura TRC system, was on the bike when I bought it from the last owner, and it didn’t really enthralled me in a sound orgasm so my perception of this system was the same.

BOY WAS I WRONG. On the first startup you could already tell it was going to sound really vicious at wide open throttle. At idle it had an almost sort of two-step noise, if you’re a car aficionado then you would know what I mean by this. Once the bike warmed up to operating temperature I gave it a couple of revs where it saw the needle hit mid-peak. Throaty and deep is one way to express the noise resonating from the canister but I would simply call it orgasmic.

Take a listen:

I did rev it to the limiter but the bike started spitting out flames, a sign that a retune is needed in order to optimize the much shorter mid-pipe compared to the last system’s CARB compliance design. A noticeable pop was had as well but nothing worse than what I am used to. Let’s just say I can wait until that first WOT rip down the front straight.


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