Woodcraft Footwork Payoff | 2017 Yamaha R6 Rearsets

Bout time the 2017 Yamaha R6 rearsets hit the shelves at work. This also meant it was hitting my desk for photos and website work, a process I enjoy, but a process nonetheless. From start to finish it takes about 3-4 hours and that is being modest with no interruptions!

Setting up is the most painstaking part where I have to assemble each piece, read the instructions and put them together, sort of like a motorcycle rider’s puzzle. I feel at the end of that if I can do it then anyone can! It’s also a great check for the language of the instructions and whether or not it makes sense.

After each piece was shot it was time to set them up in the booth. If you ever get the chance to shoot rearsets off the bike for a website it’s a joy trust me, please sense the sarcasm. Left side, right side, GP shift, STD shift, I had to make sure I got every combination possible so that I got all the shots I need the first time.

From the booth we move to the computer and photoshop has become my best of friends. My eyes loathe this process for I stare at the computer screen dropping anchor points all over to crop out the images to have a clear background. Yup. Basically those steps in that order for an hour or less or more depending if someone is calling in with a technical question of fitting their Armour Bodies upper to the fairing stay.

Last in my process is throwing it up on the website. Sounds easy, even simple, just add a few images, a new headline, some pricing and pow ready to sell! Not quite. Oh so not quite. You have to create a description on these new products, make sure dealer pricing is in there, ALL the spare parts down to the last freaking button head bolt and optional folding toe pieces before you click live. That’s the short end of the stick too!

But a las from start to finish the process is rewarding. I get better at it each time I tackle the project. I like to set time:quality goals, decrease the time it takes and increase the quality in the photos etcetera.

The final product:

Looks so simple, but the such a long process.


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