Hindle EVO Megaphone Installed

The exhaust gaskets and head stud bolts finally came in from Japan so that meant the exhaust will now be completely bolted onto the steed. It was only when we took off the original that we found the plethora of things that I was missing, thanks to Waylon for getting me the parts I needed, clutch! The new megaphone looks pretty stout in my honest opinion. The canister shape is a lot smaller than I had anticipated and more of a tear drop cone mated to a brushed stainless steel canister. It uses the same header from the regular EVO full system but has an adapter elbow that goes from a 2.5″ inlet to a 2″ inlet at the canister portion, this is, I assume, because all of the EVO Megaphone canisters will be divvied up in a 2″ inlet flavor.

My last exhaust was QUITE loud, probably due to the fact it had no exhaust gasket in any of the ports so let’s hope with them installed it’ll be quieter. One look at the way the canister appears I have my doubts about that one though. We haven’t gotten a chance to fire it up yet as in the photo above everything from the exhaust (which we later tightened up) to the bodywork and even my gas tank was mock fitted for photo purposes.

From the rear you can tell it’ll have less surface contact with the ground in the event you would have a low side. I will debate having a canister slider, or make one myself, to add into the protection of the can but seeing how replacement canisters are cheap it’s all for debate. Did I mention you can also put in the regular EVO canister by just removing that added on elbow piece from the Megaphone system? Sweet huh?!

Cant wait to be back on track in a couple of months!

Cant wait to be back on track in a couple of months!

Look at those thin stainless steel gauge aluminum, cant wait for it to start turning color under the heat cycles. Now if only we can speed up the rearset development so I can get my hands on them bad boys!


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