Upper Left USA | Seattle, Washington

It’s been a while since my last vacation to somewhere new, Europe during the summer, and I thought it was about time I went on another adventure. Where to one might ask? In this day and age of social media you are bombarded with photos and videos of every conceivable place on the planet, it definitely made for a tough decision. After a few nights of perusing the explore feature of InstaGram I finally found my destination: the Pacific Northwest. Seattle to be exact.

I’ve been to the west before but only to California so this was very exciting for me. The beauty of the PNW was what really tuned me in . Through a few mishaps and some rescheduling I was lucky enough to have one of my friends accompany me on this trip, us being both first timers in the upper left USA.

First glimspe.

First glimspe.

We landed around 10:30 PM and while the east coast was fast asleep we were gearing to get to our AirBnB, something I have been using more and more lately. The first shock was that Seattle was very accepting of rideshares like Lyft and Uber, which I took for the first time this trip. They had an entire floor in the parking garage for rideshare pick up which was fantastic considering the movement in fast and affordable transportation is always gaining ground. After checking in, getting food and copious amounts of drinks, it was soon 2 AM but I was running on east coast time making it 5 AM, sleep was imminent.

Indulge the Belly

Any place I travel to my first impression will always be what they have to offer for food. Seattle knocked it out of the park with the plethora offerings on hand. A friend whom has been there before sent me a list of places I needed to go eat and it made the decision of where to go for lunch a little easier. Although I couldn’t check off every place on that list I will say I gained a few pounds since my trip!

Biscuit Bitch where they greet you with "What's Up Bitches."

Biscuit Bitch where they greet you with “What’s Up Bitches.” Hot Mess Bitch highly recommended.

Not quite the plethora of CA but still great nonetheless.

Not quite the plethora of CA but still great nonetheless.

Among the  things I really looked forward to on this trip was to dine at Sushi Kashiba. I waited with bated breath for this omakase, my first at that, with sushi chef Kashiba, who trained with Jiro back in Japan.

A master at his craft. I didn't know whether to shake his hand or hug the man.

A master at his craft. I didn’t know whether to shake his hand or hug the man.

Every piece, piece after piece, was delectable. Uni has always been one of my favorite and the piece he served during the omakase blew me away. He introduced my palate to gooey duck, mackerel roe and king crab of which all was satiable. I think I spoiled myself and anything short of this will be a let down to me.

Brief stop during the meal to snag a photo, before I promptly devoured my plate.

Brief stop during the meal to snag a photo, before I promptly devoured my plate.

But don’t fret as Seattle has many cultures and diverse neighborhoods where every corner there is always something great to feast on. One of the places I wanted to eat at was the Pink Door, unfortunately it was closed for renovations until March during my visit! I was truly disappointed as my co-worker hyped it up beyond my belief with “You have to eat there!” Thanks Ryan.

So much disappoint.

So much disappoint.

Drink Like the Locals

Ahh the second indulgence on my tour of the northwest is in fact beeeeeeeeeer. Yes a lot of e’s = a lot of beer. Craft beer is notorious in this part of the country where each neighborhood seemed to have their own specific brewer. Selection, needless to say, was abundant.


The Fremont Brewing Co. was hands down my favorite of the bunch. They had an immense menu but it was really the setup of the joint that won me over. Laid out with long, wooden cafeteria styled tables and matching stadium wooden seats. It was very inviting and warm, they had their own fire pit INSIDE the place. Looking outside you had a great view of the city skyline through their large glass windows. I noticed a lot of people were there for a Sunday, some even on first dates it seems, made it the place to be. I hope the brewers on the east coast starts picking up on vibes from the west for their brew joints.

Keeping Busy

Pike Place Market, yes the place where they throw the fish in that one opening scene of the Seattle Real World. It’s quite more than that when I arrived there. The place is big, real big. There were couple of floors that housed a normal market filled from flower stalls, trinket shops, to meats, cheese, artisan bread and of course fish vendors. Other floors housed stores selling comic books and novelties all the way to restaurants serving hot meals to tourists and locals alike.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?


You should really venture down the alleys in and around Pike Place, you will never know what you will find. Post Alley had many little shops and restaurants that was frequently packed, for good reasons.


They also made for photo ops as well as my companion would like to demonstrate.


Fresh produce was in high volume at every few stalls. They even gave away samples of fruits.

Fresh produce was in high volume at every few stalls. They even gave away samples of fruits.

Someone was having a little bit too much fun in this market.

And without further adieu here is a fish throw for you:

You gonna catch that?

You gonna catch that?

Not everyone was as enthusiastic as myself.

Not everyone was as enthusiastic as myself.

Music to My Ears

There was a lot of street performers with instruments in hand. It was notably refreshing to hear some jazz and some vocals walking through this market, it really comes alive with these people.


The First There Was

What else is Seattle known for? Coffee! Unfortunately for me I have been caffeine free since the new year so coming here was a test to my will, seeing how I love coffee as much as I love beer! My friend is a coffee lover through and through so we had to stop by the first ever Starbucks. She ended up getting her four, yes 4, expresso shots with French vanilla iced venti, while myself … a passion fruit tea.


Let me express how long this line was, it was very long. It was also filled with a many Asian tourists, like myself. To pass the time just take loads of photos of the sign, case and point this person.



Oh how can I forget the infamous GUM WALL. Yes a wall where people chew and then proceed to place their gum upon it. It makes for a cool photo and to gag a little bit though. I wish I had some gum, I surely would’ve loved to put a bazooka Joe on the wall.


Rubbery drippings.


The Great Wheel of Seattle, very nicely lit up at night. We didn’t get to go on it sadly, next time!

Dale Chihuly Art Exhibit 

One of the main attractions for us on this trip was Dale Chihuly’s glass exhibit. My knowledge on the subject was nil at best so this was pretty new to me. My companion, whom has gone to his other exhibit in NY, was more than versed on his pieces and was enamored by the sights.


So clear like a TV.

Samsung 55″ HD has got nothing on this.


“Life is like a camera. Focus on what’s important. Capture the good times. Develop from the negatives. And if things don’t work out Take Another Shot.”

"Not all those who wander are lost." J. R. R. Tolkien • • • • Just a girl with her red backpack & a never ending hunger to travel the world.

“Not all those who wander are lost.” J. R. R. Tolkien

Just a girl with her red backpack & a never ending hunger to travel the world.

Of all the shots from my trip this is probably one of my favorites for many reasons. But for now I will just let you enjoy its grandeur.

After you finish touring the exhibit there is also a glass blowing demonstration in the courtyard in which we partook in spectating. Through the demonstration I realized how LABOR INTENSIVE this process truly was making me appreciate this art that much more. If you’re here you definitely should check it out.


A two man .. er person team, sometimes even three.

They always look so phallic in the beginning.

They always look so phallic in the beginning.

Seattle Center

In this one corner of the city you have the above mentioned as well as the Space Needle and its museum within a few walking minutes, the EMP museum (pop culture) and the monorail all at your disposal.

The very iconic Seattle Space Needle.

The very iconic Seattle Space Needle.

A prominent fixture in the Seattle skyline that has become so ubiquitous in photos of the PNW. We didn’t opt to go up there but rather made our way over to the Sky Observation deck instead. It was only $14 per person and you can return throughout the day as many times as you would like. The plus side is they have a BAR on the top floor, that’s a win for me.

Views for DAYSSSSS

Views for DAYSSSSS

I think I am in LOVE with Seattle.

I think I am in LOVE with Seattle.

Olympia Park

Olympia Park

Olympia Park is a great place to take a walk, job or bring your dogs. Also nice to take a seat and just soak in the view. The weather during our trip wasn’t ideal but contrary to popular east coast beliefs I was informed that it doesn’t always rain, rarely snows and the summers are PERFECT. Hearing this I promptly thought about becoming one of the locals.

Who doesn't love that.

Who doesn’t love that.

Aside from the Space Needle there is also the monorail in which you can take roundtrip for I believe $4. Good way to skip walking 20 minutes and seeing a bit of the city from a higher vantage point.

Liberalism at its Finest

Washington state passed a law that allows for recreational use of marijuana and its various forms so it was only right to visit a dispensary and see what the hype was all about.


The selection overwhelmed me to say the least. Display case upon display case filled with everything from the raw goodies to pre-rolled and even oils, edibles on deck too. I went simple, a pre-rolled indica blend to mellow out the mood at the end of the day. $8 for two? I’ll take it! They also had an ATM like machine that only take cash, all dispensary is cash only (need ID to enter), and spat out marijuana of your choosing. Funny part of that is there is a sign saying that it isn’t an ATM, I wonder how many were fooled by it. Whether you smoke or not it’s something worth checking out!

Fremont’s Troll


If you loved 90s movies as much as I do you will recognize this gem from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. A visit was in order because let’s be honest it’s a troll under a bridge! Nearby this in the same neighborhood is a weekly flea market, of which I didn’t get to snap any photos of but I did snag a sweet bomber jacket for pennies on the dollars. Really good to seem what the locals create and sell by visiting markets like that.

Many things to do, so little time to do them.

Many things to do, so little time to do them.

I had a few days to try to cover as much as I wanted to. My whole deal on vacation is take them leisurely, pick a few things to do and see and a lot of things to eat and drink. You didn’t go on vacation to be rushed, you went on one to relax and get away, that’s my motto. I hope to explore more of this corner of the states in the future, maybe Portland next! Thank you to my companion, LH, she was a trooper and it was a lot of fun with her on this trip as well as Jamal, never stopped cracking me up!

It's been real Seattle!

It’s been real Seattle!

Until the next trip … wait Spain and Italy in June!

Spread it.

Spread it.
















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