Barcelona Is Always A Good Idea | Wanderlust

Murphy’s Law definition. A rule that states, “If something can go wrong, it will.”

Everyone know’s this law but I think during my trip to Spain and Italy I have gotten to know it on a whole new personal level. I am coming off wanderlust withdrawals ever since coming back from abroad two weeks ago and it’s pretty painful. During this time I have been digesting and going through yet another summer vacation in Europe, I can see a trend here. From start to end it was filled with everything one can imagine, the good the bad and the ugly so without further adieu let’s begin.

The Ugly: We lost a cell phone right when leaving the ride share, our initial flight was delayed over two hours from departure time, the last flight had a baby wailing his lungs out and his parents left helpless, the AirBnB hostess was less than informal with our keys during check-in, and worse of all was said AirBnB and was broken into while we were out. Yes the latter did happen and over $3,000 worth of electronics stolen. Did this phase me? Of course. I was livid and furious, I wanted to know what happened as everyone else who I was staying with. After ten minutes though I let it roll off my shoulders. You have to understand these things happen and sometimes they happen to you, but you have to keep on keeping on, the adventure is still there for you to explore!

First Check of the Balcony

The Good: With all that set aside let’s focus on the real topic here and that’s another summer spent in Europe exploring sights and eating great food! My friends whom has been to Barcelona has told me time and time again that I MUST VISIT. I was more than happy to be able to check this place off of my list, that and of course another Grand Prix!

Barcelona is beautiful, yes that’s a good start. The architecture from Antoni Gaudi and various others depict a city that is very well it’s own on the world stage. No where else can you find these buildings, some vast, others tall, most colorful, else in the world. I visited a few museums when I was here as well as the La Familia Sagrada Basilica, the home where Gaudi lived at Parc Guell and the work he performed. It’s breathe taking, Barcelona, especially from any high vantage point you can get.

La Sagrada Familia Basilica

The city is always BUSTLING with life during the day as people go to work, kids go to school, corner restaurants opening up for their first customer who wants to sit outside. The people, aside from those who paid us a visit at the AirBnB, were always nice to tourists, always smiling and a willingness to help steer you in the right direction when you ventured off your beaten path.

Some of the places I recommend you check out are of course Mercado La Boqueria, come in hungry and with 20 Euros on you, you’ll leave happy and full. This place has it all from fresh everything, even fruit juices to cured meats hanging from the ceiling to the bar seat restaurant. The food in general in Barcelona was amazing. I devoured my weight in seafood fried, grilled and fresh. The aromas of it was intoxicating.

I ate my weight in paella. No regrets.

What’s cooking good looking.

Visit the beach, but no cameras though as nude sun bathing is very accepted here. You can also bring your drinks there and relax as public drinking is the norm, especially on the beach where it can see over 90 degrees daily. I spent a couple of my nights here, the sun not setting until way late, with my friends, some music and an Estrella in hand. The Mediterranean ocean is the warmest I have ever been in. Just right as Goldilocks would have said. No better way to end a long day seeing sights then with a dip, a swim and a few cold ones.

I Can’t Imagine a Better Backdrop

In Any Direction

If you want to shop then you should visit La Rambla. Close by to the beach and filled with everything you can possibly want to grab as a souvenir from the big tea set that Chris got to my small Gaudi inspired elephant trinket. Shopping weighing you down and isn’t your style? Head over to the Gothic District and get lost in some of it’s alleys, very good photo-op place as well! I really like this place a lot when we walked through it. There are a couple of sweet spots and ships hidden here so if you want to stray away from the masses this is it. Take a walk around this maze of old buildings and history, you’d be amaze at what you can find.

“Worked so hard, forgot how to vacation
They ain’t never had the dedication
People hatin’, say we changed and look we made it
Yeah, we made it”

Another museum we visited set high onto the hills was the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya. This place was more of a palace than it was a national art museum. A sucker I am for visiting museums depicting the regions history. They have a few exhibits opened and needless to say I visited them all. Aside from that the views from the front step are just amazing looking into the center of town.

I forgot to mention that you should pick up a Barcelona city card as it’ll give you free access to museums such as this one and also free access to the metro system, a bliss on trips like these. Make sure you grab one and see a couple of things that are on the list, a lot of cities have these cards too so definitely something to check out.

Of course we also had to go to the Catalan GP for the race! This marks my third one, my second abroad and one of my teammate’s very first live viewing, what better way than to see it in Spain?! As excited as I was to watch this race live I had my reservations as they changed the layout of the last section of the course, rightfully so, but it took some of the excitement out of it. Valentino didn’t do too well I might add if you haven’t watch the recordings of it so I will save you the heartache. It was good seeing Dovi do a back to back in the dry from Mugello though. Even Moto3 was entertaining to watch with a last lap ditch effort for the win, Moto2 was so so as I found myself dozing off sitting underneath that blaring sun. I worked up a quick burn from that day that lasted about two weeks!

“If You Can Go to One GP Make Sure it’s the Catalan GP”

After looking back on the trip to Barcelona I realized I didn’t do as much as I wanted to or see as much as I wanted to. I talked to my friends whom reccomended I go here and explore, we came to the conclusion that a future trip with all of us back here is on order. Hang with me as I work on putting aloe vera lotion to alleviate all my sun burns.

Until the next adventure.

You win some you snooze some.



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