Lover of Life

About Jason

I am an avid lover of life. Whenever I can manage to squeeze in an adventure between clocking out on Friday night to clocking back in Monday morning I see to it that I do.

Motorcycles are my passion. From the smell of gasoline being burnt through the exhaust piping to the feel of my knee puck sliders grinding away at the asphalt, it’s a feeling that many wish to experience but few actually grab head on to try. Riding is an escape from the everyday mundane activity that I bare witness. I welcome any and all opportunity to be on two-wheels as much as I possibly can.

I am a sucker for content so on this blog site you will find how-to’s, videos, product reviews and hopefully the progression of my own racing next season. I enjoy creating riveting content that will help my subscribers, readers and motorcycle community understand, help and further their own riding. Along with all things related to motorcycles you can also find my travels and photography from those travels.

This blog came into life back in 2009 but it has taken on many renditions and aesthetics over the years as I find something that worked. It now has turned into a full blown blog about being on two wheels. In the years running this it has helped me a lot in my career path from not knowing what to do in life to the realization of what I love to do, ride and creating content for others to enjoy.

I am also part of the Lo-Riderz community. We are a bunch of motorcycle enthusiasts looking to help out others of like minds. Currently we are headquartered in Lowell, MA with a 2,000 sq. ft. office. Many projects are on the undertaking right now and hopefully soon we can implement them once details are finalized, guess you can say we are getting serious!

Whenever I am not riding or working I like to fill my time with learning new skills whether it be wrenching on my motorcycles or new creative ways to shoot photos. I also enjoy living a healthy, as much as I can, lifestyle which consists of learning to cook healthy and weight training. You can check out my social media pages in the links above and my InstaGram on the right sidebar.

My Camera: I currently shoot with my trusty Nikon D7000. I have had this dslr for a couple of years now and whenever someone ask me about a recommendation I would always suggest this one for obvious reasons. RAW is the only format I will shoot in and I used LightRoom to edit all my photos.

My Lens: Having great glass is an investment in itself and currently I have a few in my arsenal. I still do shoot with the kit Nikkor 18-105mm but I do love the Nikkor 35mm 1.8 which proves to be a versatile street photography lens. I also have an 85mm 1.4 to use for portraits. What is great about having a brother who shoots Nikon is you can use their lenses too! The super wide Nikkor 10.5mm 2.8 is a beaut of a lens if I wanted to get all landscape in one photo.

My GoPro(s): I have the very first HD GoPro Hero that has been in use since 2010 and I will say this thing is still kicking. Recently I have acquired a GoPro Hero 3 Black+ which is amazing to say the least. These two help me capture action videos while I am on the motorcycle and pretty much just everything else in life. I will be paring this up with a Sena BT pack in the future to create vivid ride alongs and how-to’s.

You can stay connected with me through me Social Media outlets!


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