Off Season | R6 Under the Knife

The off season is in full effect, the snow is falling and holidays are now right around the corner! All I can think about is just riding the damn bike. Every off season gets more and more unbearable to say the least. With all that ranting aside my race bike is finally going under the knife, so to speak.


As you can see work has asked me to bring her in for some RD, aka make fun of how she’s set up and how I actually manage to ride the damn thing (insert laughing emoji but really red face one). With the 2017 R6 coming out in the spring time we wanted to redo the current tried and true rearset, bout time if you asked me!

3D Printed Model

3D Printed Model

People have been asking for adjustability with the rearset for the R6 and we are now implementing that into the new model. You can see in this 3D printed version, mocked up for fitment and clearance, that there are now eccentric foot peg and toe pieces as well as less moving parts. The latter I really enjoy because less moving parts mean less missing things, especially bolts which they make fun of me for on how many I am missing.

CAD Drawing of the Final Product

CAD Drawing of the Final Product

Can’t wait to get these babies on!

Another thing to be tested was the new Hindle megaphone system. New canister design equates for cheaper prices too, can you say $650 retail for a full system?! Racers and street guys alike will certainly love that, oh PS the slip-on will be a cool $199. But we did run into a snag because the full system canister isn’t ready yet unlike the slip-on system, so all we have fitted so far was the header. I took this opportunity to do a weight test of the current aftermarket system I have compared to the Hindle with the carbon exhaust. The photo speak for itself:

Can You Guess the Maker of the Exhaust on the Bottom?

Can You Guess the Maker of the Exhaust on the Bottom?

A whopping 5 lbs was shed. FIVE POUNDS!

Along with all this I guess there’s nothing better than having your bike at a place that makes nothing but race bits. I think I will take a walk down the aisles and see what I can throw at this thing, not that it needs anymore, ha!


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