Spotlight Sacha Tang | The Race Edition

Jason Phan: It’s been awhile since we last heard from you on the blog, in that time I heard you got married? Congratulations! Fill us in on your life since the last blog.

Sacha Tang: Thanks man! We had a destination wedding down in Florida and invited about 100 of our closest friends and family to join in on the festivities. It was one of the best moments of my life! Very memorable to say the least.


Jason Phan: Did I mention thanks for the invite? Really was a sweet time man! I am glad you’ve been able to keep busy but let’s get down to it shall we? Word is that you have taken the next step in your riding and actually went road racing?! Can you tell us the main reasoning behind this move?

Sacha Tang: I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could push my limits beyond track days. Don’t get me wrong there are some fast guys that do track days cough *Sam Song* but my competitive nature yearned for something a little more.

JP: What was the motivation to take that next leap?

ST: My main motivation was my friends. Last year I attended the final round of LRRS to watch MSGRacing race and witnessed them podium in four races that day.  I was automatically hooked. Just watching from the bleachers I felt this crazy rush and I knew I needed to get into racing. The energy you have cheering on your friends was insane. I was screaming like a fan girl! From there I started picking their brains and seeing what I needed to do to make that leap into the race world.


JP: Road racing takes a lot of planning and execution; can you tell me what was the most difficult during the whole procedure for you?

ST: Getting my bike up to par in order to pass LRRS tech inspection was the most difficult part for me. Drilling holes (tons of broken bits) and safety wiring every bolt possible screw was such a pain. Lucky for me I had guidance from my teammates and it ended up going pretty smooth. There is a ton of prep work that goes into the race bike before you even get to see the race track.

JP: Yea you don’t have to tell me about breaking a bit or two. What did you find was the easiest in comparison?

ST: The easiest part of  the whole ordeal was getting race parts. Since the team had already established themselves with sponsorship it was easy to find the parts I needed to get ready and get going.

JP: Going into this adventure what did you really want out of it? Podiums, wins, dropping lap times? Everyone has a goal, tell us yours.

ST: Let’s be honest everyone’s goal is to win races and get on the podium. One of my main goals were to drop lap times literally (inside joke). If I can get a  win or two along the way great, if not I was still racing. That was all that mattered to me.

JP: (Laughing) ah that joke is pretty funny. How is it running with a team? Does it make things easier especially your transition from track day riding to actual racing?

ST: Running with MSGRacing from the get-go made my transition from track day to racing so painless. I can only imagine how hard it would have been to learn and do everything by myself. Honestly I probably would not have gone through with it.


JP: Glad we could have been of help to you on that department. I remember the cold mornings setting up in the infield, ah! We wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing unless we’re having fun, tell me about what you feel at the starting lights right before they go out.

ST: Oh jeez I’m nervous as hell ha! Lining up for the start of a race is nerve wrecking. Millions of butterflies in my stomach honestly sometimes I feel like vomiting. From the moment my front tire goes into the box up until the lights come on there is like a cold chill that runs through my body. The moment the lights go off it all goes away, with my RPM revving, I release the clutch and crack the throttle. From there I kind of go into race mode and nothing else in the world matters. It hasn’t gotten any easier but the rush is amazing.

JP: I think it is safe to say that that’s everyone’s feeling for the first couple of starts for sure. For the guys wanting to make the jump into road racing but aren’t just quite there yet, can you give them any insight?


ST: If you haven’t done track days before I would definitely suggest signing up for one. For those that have done track days and want to get into to racing…….Do it!

JP: No excuses am I right?! Do you think there is there a difference in track day riding versus road racing?

ST: For me the big difference between the two is in a race you’re fighting for position and your lap times matter.  You use a real transponder which is accurate instead of some of these “google earth GPS hand drawn Snapchat Facebook track apps,” some of these guys use at track days. Lap times don’t really matter at track days because no one wins a track day. Talk to the fast guys that do track days, they don’t care about what their lap times are. They are out there to have fun and work on their riding technique. For some the color of sticker on your bike matters and for others it’s all about having fun. It’s the same with racing I’m just having fun!

JP: What you CANT win a track day?! I kid I kid! Having fun at a track day is what it’s all about! Do you plan to do more TD in your future now that you’ve started road racing?

ST: I definitely plan to do more track days next season. I really miss riding with my Lo-Riderz family, hanging out and shooting the shit at track days.

JP: What’s next for Sacha Tang?

ST: Getting  yellow plates (amateur)!!


JP: Keep working hard at it and I can definitely see that happening SOON! We’re at the end of our spotlight and of course you know it’s the time in which to give any thanks and shout outs to people you want to show love to!

ST: I’d like to thank my teammates Jason Phan, Christopher Chau, Dat Nguyen and Pedro Gondres. You guys have made my first race season so enjoyable. I’d like to thank all of our sponsors starting with Woodcraft Technologies, Lo-Riderz Motorsports, Navigation Brewing Co., DRT – Design Rotor Technology, Signature Designz, AGV Helmets, Dainese, GMD Computrack Boston and Set Motive Apparel, Armour BodiesThanks for an incredible year and the continuous support. Here’s to another great 2017 LRRS race season.


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