Hindle Exhaust Evolution System

After a couple of long hours logged onto the R1 with the new Hindle Exhaust Evolution system I feel like it was time to post the before/after sound clip. The old exhaust was tame compared to this system, which I should say is best experienced in person, preferably standing directly behind its pipe exit. Snap, crackle, pop it does it all and then some especially on deceleration as I have been informed by many a riders who have had the misfortune of riding without earplugs behind me. I have had a plethora of passerby come down with sheer fear whenever I rip the throttle up a couple of thousand RPMs when standing still, priceless I say. Riders alike are overall impressed with what they see and hear whenever I come out to ride often commenting on how surprised they are that it is in fact from Hindle.


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