Back From the Painters

The more time winds down to April 30th the busier and busier things seem to get. My hair is turning gray as I type but a las one less thing to worry about is getting bodywork painted. We managed to get all five sets, yes FIVE sets, of bodywork prepped and painted. This includes multiple tanks and a tank cover. The process was long and tedious with setting up with the painter, dropping off and waiting for it to be painted. Luckily everything was said and done within a two week time span, luckily.

So this is what we look like inside.

So this is what we look like inside.

Bikes do look good naked and stripped to the bare minimum.

Since I had to work long hours my participation in this was nil, which I really hated. Teammates stepped it up with taking over this crucial part of our prep during this off season. What this resulted in are teaser shots sent to me at work, my excitement was contained with the utmost effort.


Teasers suck.

We finally got them all back last night and of course I decided we had to take photos of them. They look really good if I must say so myself, especially for the time and money it wasn’t too bad at the end. Our team color for the season is coming in nicely, we actually will look like a TEAM this year!



Dat of course did us one better and mounted his set first. Excitement level through the roof!



We also met with Mark from Turn One Graphics (the ORIGINAL one in Hooksett, NH) about decals and personal logos for the team. Our discussion went really well and we look forward to working with him this season.


Mocking up CBR600RR stencils.

Mocking up CBR600RR stencils.

Through them we will also decal our big race trailer, so when we pull into the lot everyone will know MSG is here!


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