Change of Scenery | New Career

I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time now since my race season has ended. I guess that is normal considering that from February-October the race season is in full chaotic swing with prep before the start and throughout the whole duration thereafter. Not to mention your every day life, work, friends, family, significant others and the list goes on, demands a giant chunk out of your time there isn’t much seconds left in the day to blog.

Oh speaking about work I finally got myself a new job! Definitely should have been highlighted first in this post considering I am finally working in an industry I thoroughly enjoy. You’re looking at the new marketing coordinator of Woodcraft Technologies Inc. Yes the Woodcraft Technologies Inc. and yes that means MOTORCYCLES! The opportunity presented itself at just the right moment so passing this up would have been tragic on my part.

I have been there a little under a month now learning the ropes of day to day activities and programs they use for their company, get up to speed one would say. My job? Well all I really do is create ads, copywriting, product photography and soon to be videography, website updates, and social media postings and interactions. Along with these I am learning to be well versed in sales, talking to customers and fulfilling orders, heck they even have me cleaning the toilets. It is quite a change from my last 9-5, stuffy office, tie down dress pants of a workplace and it’s been great!

Product shot of an SV650 Bar Slider

Another of an FZ07 Stator Cover Protector

I can honestly say now in my new position I enjoy going to work and producing things I can be proud of.

With a lot left to learn and do before the season starts again I am already gearing up for the long winter of things I need to check off. Here’s to hoping the snow is light and there be plenty of 60 degree days from now until April for the first round!


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