Road to Recovery: Post Op

<- wpid-wp-1437592953474.jpgThis is what it looks like when they put in 8 screws to pin together your 5 broken bits of collarbone all under one piece of long stainless steel plate. Call me the Wolverine, admittedly this isn’t adamantium, I will now live a life of setting off all metal detectors everywhere.

Joking aside my post op went well and I am healing on schedule. My concerns we’re decreased range of motion but day by day I have been getting that back which makes both myself and my orthopedic happy. It still feels … or rather mentally feels weird that I have a piece of metal in my body, but I know without this I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near back to 100% given how my bones shattered.

We discussed my training, which I have since resumed, and the earnest in which I can return to two wheels. His Rx was another two weeks for that and another two following for track training.

I kind of jumped the gun and already booked my first track day for Aug. 24th B) but per his orders I am somewhat following them. Now it is serious time to get back into riding shape for both a quicker recovery and to be able to use my strengths once I make the return to road racing.

The last month has been hell so I can’t wait to be back!


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