Passion for Life

One of the best things about living is living with passion. Finding that little something in such a big world that gets you going every day is getting harder and harder now. Luckily for me I think I have ascertained that very little something that makes my every day that much more worthwhile to wake up.

For a lot of people motorcycles ends up leaving a bad taste in their mouths as dangerous hooliganism but for the very few, my very few, it’s an experience not many get to feel. Leaned over at 80mph, knee just barely grazing the surface, eyes always pointed through and out of what’s ahead, hands light on the bars, heart pounding a million beats a second, this is living, this is passion. For us these two wheels connected in the middle with an engine and us atop allows us to live, to really LIVE.

For the many they will never truly understand what it feels like to wake up every morning only thinking about working on, fixing, updating, changing, riding, learning, applying new technique, how to get faster, cutting tenths, hundredths or even thousandths on their motorcycles.

They don’t know this type of passion. They don’t know this kind of living.









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