Road to Recovery

Today mark’s the one week period after my clavicle fixation surgery. At first I wasn’t going to opt for the surgery because I rather have the natural healing done but after talking to my orthopedic we didn’t throw that idea completely out the window. During my two weeks BEFORE the surgery with the natural healing I felt that it was causing me more pain than it was supposed to. Healing bones shouldn’t be hurting much right?

I went in for an exam with X-Rays where nothing out of the ordinary of broken clavicles were to be concerned but we said to wait a few more days to decide anything. My mistake right there. The period of my last to my visit proved to be very painful as I could not take it anymore. I wanted to be close to normal and 100% as soon as possible so the moment I stepped into his office I immediately asked for the surgical procedure.

X-Rays of my broken clavicle.

X-Rays of my broken clavicle.

Broken in three places and a misaligned Z shape. Could be worse right? For shame on me for thinking of that. I went in last Thursday and everything was fine and set for a go with the surgery. Before the put me under the last thing I saw was the clock saying 12:30PM and I figured I would wake up at 2PM for a 90 minute procedure.

By the time I came to I was beyond groggy and didn’t know where I was. The first thing I asked was the time to which I was responded with ‘it’s 4:30.’ How could I be out for so long?! Did something happen? My orthopedic came over and said the surgery was a success but that they found two, not one but TWO,  bone pieces that was just floating around, you know just lollygagging. They didn’t show up on the X-Rays at all is what I was told. At this point I was very happy to have taken the surgical route.

Bionic Ice Packs.

Bionic Ice Packs.

I’ve been subjected to least amount of movement as possible while I recover and they gave me a pretty nifty ass ice pack as well. Pain killers, healthy foods, mobility exercises is all I can do until this thing heals in three weeks, five until I get back on the bike and start training again and eight weeks until my next trackday in preparations for the last round of the season. Hectic schedule but nothing compared to the guys at the national and worldwide level.

Oh by the way I took my bandage off and this is what I found:

Going to be one bitching scar.

Going to be one bitching scar.


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