Getting Cut Up

‘Do you think you can move out of your suit?’

‘Let me try’

*Writhes in pain and agony*

‘Are you ok?’

‘Just cut me out of it’

Those are words no racer wants to say but must in order to save their real skin. With a quick exchange of industrial scissors later I was sitting upright in my gurney still dazed from the injection of pain meds they had given me.  When I came to reality I realized my suit, along with my gear was either cut up or destroyed completely in my crash. Even though I could’ve shed a tear like the Native American in those early days commercial of his land being polluted I knew that gear very well saved my life.

This marks my suit’s 3rd crash, two low sides and a high side to its name, to which now I must retire it.

Looks like I could still use it!

Looks like I could still use it!

JK they filet me open.

Just kidding they filet me open.

I debated with just stitching up the points where they cut me open but I feel as if the structural integrity of the suit is now compromised. Better to be safe than it is to be sorry.

During the crash the one thing I remember was flying face first into the gravel trap. I landed straight on the face shield of my AGV Corsa helmet and the aftermath hurts me to look at.

Poor thing.

Poor thing.

Rear spoiler did its job in breaking away nicely.

Rear spoiler did its job in breaking away nicely.

Somehow the faceshield didn't get a scratch.

Somehow the faceshield didn’t get a scratch.

I love this helmet ad it pretty much saved my head from real trauma. This was my first crash in which my lid was compromised as a result – thank god I wore this.

The only thing I could salvage was the helmet eject system – which BTW I didn’t use. Fortunately enough aside from my broken collar bone my helmet really saved my noggin. I am now in search for another suit but am definitely going back to AGV for my helmet!

What did I learn? Crashing sucks and costly! But it is cheaper to replace gear than it is limbs!


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