Emma: 2015 Rapid Red R1

Since its launch in November I have been eyeing the 2015 R1 but never put much thought into getting one for myself until recently. I had put my bike up for sale without realizing that it actually might sell. Well it did and the process began to find and buy my new bike!

Luckily Troy City Garages in NY had one on their floor unclaimed so I made a call and put a deposit on it. Unfortunately it was 3.5 hours away so that meant an early wake up call to head west to pick up the bike.

Rise and shine

Rise and shine

My STi held up really well with towing duties I must admit. Not a problem the whole day but whether the lights work I didn’t know – that isn’t safe! I got on the road around 7, the highway, and got to the dealership at the top of 10, sooner than I expected. I waited a little bit for a salesperson but once I got a hold of one it was about 10 minutes from paperwork to actually loading of the bike onto my trailer.



Strapped DOWN

Strapped DOWN

I didn’t get to do much from a looking point, hell I didn’t even crank her over. Just loaded and ventured on the 3+ hour drive home. I had to stop multiple times because of the straps in the back coming undone, which was a pain in the ass. Took a little longer than expected but once I made it back to the shop I was insanely relieved. Of course all the guys stared at her when I rolled her off the trailer.

Say hello!

Say hello!

The electronics at first was confusing because I couldn’t figure out the settings but luckily Yamaha has a simulator you can practice on! This post would have more in depth but seeing how today I have a track day time is limited! I do plan on doing a life update on the bike with how she rides, parts install and how they perform and maybe a track session or two!

Stay tuned!


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