LRRS Round 1: 25 Days

With all the season openers coming up, some rounds already finishing and the weather finally warming up I took one look at my calendar and realized that the first round of racing is less than a month away! You can ring the alarms as it is now officially crunch time!

During the time of the last countdown to this I have managed to form a team along with getting a few sponsors to help support our race program this season. With all the sponsor talk aside we still need to finish up the prep work on the bikes so they are within the legal rules of LRRS/CCS racing. This meant more hours drilling, mounting and installing new parts.

We mounted the dry race tires, being Bridgestone R10 for my bike as well as the new RS10, street versions of these tires, for Dat’s Triumph. The temperature in our shop was not IDEAL to be mounting tires as the carcasses were still rigid from it being cold, curse you nature. With some force and ingenuity we manage to mount two sets in the span of 30 minutes, what you can finish with team work.


Switch to the Woodcraft CFM Rearsets.

If you notice my footwork has changed. I wanted to support a local company and managed to acquire Woodcraft CFM as a sponsor for this season so I swapped back to their rearsets. The problem with the one I had was that I was not a fan of the STD shift pattern so my first order of business was to call them and acquire the GP knuckle and longer rod. It didn’t hurt that they also sent me sponsor swag with my first order too.




Motoholders fairing stay.

I also swapped out the OEM fairing stay for a Motoholders unit. This is slimmer, stronger and overall will hold up better in the case of a spill than the OEM one. It was tough putting it on considering the intake outlet of the holder is A LOT narrower than my OEM unit, but it prove to be a snug fit, not having to worry about anything coming out.

While we wait for Dat’s fairings from Italy to come in (they came in the first shipment but was destroyed in shipping) and Chris’s bike to come back from geometry setup we have started an order with Chris Kruzel over at DrippinWet to create our individual personal decals for each rider. With it being full on season prep at the moment we hope to get them back in time for the first round. Speaking of decals we also secured a sponsor in the form of Signature Designz to create our number plates and sponsor decals. We are grateful for this sponsorship as they are a local company and working with local company only helps to prosper everyone involved!


Khanh Keo Kingphilavanh signature artwork.

One of my good friends also happen to be a very creative genius when it comes to the pen and paper in the realm of artwork. I commissioned two pieces, one of of Godzilla like creature eating a bowl of Pho, the other of a racer riding and holding of noodles in one hand. Why noodles? It is what I do for a living, a line cook, added to the many other jobs I hold but one I really like the most. I am glad that his creativeness far exceeded what I had for expectations. Cant wait to see the finished product. By the way I picked #3 & #5!



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