MotoGP Sepang Test 2: Day 3

Calling it another sweltering day in Sepang would be like saying the sky was blue, what did you expect? As testing resumed and the final hours come to a close it was all business as usual. Today’s agenda? Simulation runs! This, I feel, is where you can really start judging the lap times for what they are, although without it being a real race there are some variables left unanswered.

Marquez to absolutely no surprise left the test finishing in top honors two of three days. He finished 72 laps during the hot, hazy day in Sepang, a whopping 12 more than the next rider. Lorenzo can leave happy knowing that he is indeed back in optimal form, finishing second to Marquez and three tenths behind. Every rider pretty much improved on their times from yesterday except only a few, and most of those times were posted in the morning hours when it was much, much cooler.

Some photos from

Interestingly enough is when you stack Sepang Test 1 vs. Test 2 times back to back to see which rider showed the most improvement. Barbera, to many have been left questionable about his talent, proved worthy of the ride he has received with the open class Ducati. Talent is there but often him he too was on less than par machinery, taking this opportunity to showcase his skills and help develop the Duc’s open software. He is the favorite this year to take the Open Class crown (is this still even a title?) Next improved would have to be Crutchlow, who surprise surprise, was complaining about the bike and how he wasn’t able to ride it in the first test. He moved from 11th in test one to finish third in the last day of testing in Sepang 2. Last of the improvements would be Hayden & Abraham, both improving on their Sepang 1 times. It is also good to note that Hayden is in better fit than he was at this time last year and the Cardion AB team have taken over sole development of Showa/Nissin combo from the Gresini squad.

Timing provided by David Emmett of

Test 1 vs Test 2 Times

Test 1 vs Test 2 Times

and the final times for the day:


Now lets look forward to Qatar!


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