Ducati’s All New Desmosedici GP15(?!)

Yesterday while many of us were still tired eye from staying up a little bit too late binge watching Netflix knowing that there was a holiday here in the states overslept the launch of Ducati’s new MotoGP campaign machine, or was that just me? Launched early in the hours, our time at least, in Italy was the all new (and improved?) Desemosedici GP15 machine, the first fully Gigi Dall’Igna imprinted machinery. The launch, as I watched it on YouTube later, was pretty much all in Italian with no subtitles, curse me for not picking this up as a language arts in school, so I just skipped all the way to the bike’s actual release onto the main stage.

At first glance it looked good, a lot slimmer than that of past iterations. The front isn’t as bulbous as it once was and the rear tail section cleaned up nicely, think their road going bikes.

Massive brake discs were what drew my eyes in, not to mention the shortened lower exhaust piping.

They have routed the rear exhaust to one side now, kind of like how the old Suzuki Rizla machine.

The Ducati’s:

Single routed Akra piping.

The Suzuki’s

Also single side routed.

Although the top triple looks like somewhat of  old notice how much less the forks stick out through them as compared to the GP14 machine.


Busy office space.

Petrucci’s GP14:

Knock an eye out with that thing.

The lower exhaust on the GP15 at first looked insanely familiar to me like the one on the MoviStar Yamaha machines. They did say they needed to lengthen it as it cause burns on the swingarm. Anything at that length producing that much heat I can imagine causing something to light on fire.

Short, stubby and I bet LOUD AF!

New chassis is hopes for better steering? We all certainly hope so as we know the GP machines from Ducati has always suffered the tremendous understeer from ever rider except for Casey Stoner.

Slimmer, narrower chassis. Let’s hope it is better than the last.

As mentioned before here is a photo of the all new rear tail section:

Cleaner and sleeker.

With a new bike and Sepang 2 testing under way in less than a week’s time it’ll be the first true shakedown of the new bike. If Gigi has somehow solved the Ducati’s problems of yesteryear I think it will be a formidable challenger for wins this season in the hands of these two chaps.

A token of appreciation for all his hard work over the last two season – a fully new bike.

The Maniac Joe … often times the quickest on the field.

*All images provided through David Emmet’s MotoMatters.com page & Press Release Photos.


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