MotoGP Sepang Test 1: Day 2

Day 2 was well underway again as I readied myself for bed but I couldn’t find the will power to put my phone down and walk away from Twitter. By the time I awoke the test was pretty much done and over with so the process of going through the Twitter feed, replying to posts, retweeting time sheets as they appeared and just being in awe of the photos being posted.

Today saw Lorenzo going for top honors, taking the title away from Marquez in day 1. He was the only rider all day to dip sub 2 minute mark. This feat was done early on in the day which can be a double edge standard. On the one hand conditions were cooler, much more preferably, on the other hand it was pretty much right out the gates. Can he be putting down the hammer early on this season showing that he means business? I surely hope so. In the past I was never a Lorenzo fan but I can admit that I have turned the page and thoroughly enjoy watching him race when he is on the limit. Smooth, buttery, hammer. I wouldn’t describe it any less.

Another shock was seeing how the Ducatis fared. Top 5 for the factory? Am I see things? Clearly what they have worked on when allowed all the benefits from last season is clearly paying off before the ultimate drop of their GP15 machine. Dovi deserves this bike more and more seeing how determined he is with all the hard work he puts in. Iannone, extremely fast in race pace but often lacking consistency, is a candidate on the Marlboro team I would consider a threat this season.

The rest were, as you can say, the same in this case. The new guns are adapting to their steeds for the foreseeable future as well as some top brass who’ve made the switch from other manufacturers during the winter months. Fastest yesterday went slower today while the opposite proved true. Can it be humid late in the day conditions or setup problems? Whatever the case may be in the backwards step today will prove to be better for future r

aces when they can fix the problems now.

Onto some photos from!

Day 2 time sheet courtesy of David Emmet over at


Of course when you compare these times to the actual improvement times things get a little bit interesting!


Tomorrow will be the final day of testing for Sepang 1 and all goes quiet again as the engineers go back to the drawing boards before Sepang 2 at the end of the month.


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