MotoGP Sepang Test 1: Day 1

MotoGP is FINALLY back in action! It couldn’t any sooner as we have been experience 40+ inches of snow in the north east corridor of America. But even with those copious amounts of powdery white stuff on the streets, hills and mountains with the return of MotoGP, even if it is JUST preseason testing, is a welcomed sight.

Sepang Test 1, yes 1 of the two preseason tests held at Sepang, has already been underway, what happens when testing starts halfway around the world. 10PM eastern standard time here is when those race gas burnt smells I love so much are being hailed into the air. Sleep or read live Twitter feeds? Choice was hard but of course with the great pit reporters on hand it makes it that much easier to follow, the next morning!

There are many parts to test, simulations to run, setups to try and riders to catch up on while the tests are underway. My most favorite part, aside from just hearing the engine roar, is to see which riders jumped ship to which leathers, helmet, boots manufacturers and of course the bikes themselves. After the first day here are some images from David Emmet over at the renowned website:


Courtesy of you can view some of the action shots from Day 1:

Of course we can always thank David for posting the time sheet as well:




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