Biker’s Black Friday

After the feasting that is Thanksgiving next on the agenda for everyone usually is Black Friday and all the wonderful deals they have going on. I usually do not like partaking in such events due to my laziness or maybe the impending food coma from said feast, but this year, with the race bike needing parts, I decided to do some shopping myself, the online kind!

I lurked and lurked and lurked all week until the upcoming sales posted that Friday and I wasn’t disappointed. I normally would only make my purchases through Riders Discounts because let’s be honest they always have killer deals! I saved so much buying from them that now ordering consists of a private message online for what I am looking for followed by a two minute conversation with TJ over the phone. A couple of days later my packages arrives, it is so easy is why I love doing business with them. I waited patiently and it was paid off because they were blowing things out of the water as far as prices were concerned.

I only picked up what I needed which were a set of street tires, Michelin Power 3 2ct to be exact, for my street bike. $209 and two days later they were at my front steps. I currently ride on two season old Dunlop Q2’s that has seen many street riding miles as well as one full day on a very grip thirsty NYST. Needless to say they were on their last leg so a replacement must be found. RD was also blowing out the new Q3’s as well but I was hesitant to try those as I wanted something to last a little bit longer for street riding so I opted for the presumed longer lasting PP3’s from Michelin. I won’t be able to give a review on how these tires perform until the Spring time which I will dream of through the hark of winter so look out for that.

New compound ratio was created for this new rendition. The sides are softer so hopefully that means more edge grip and feel.

New compound ratio was created for this new rendition. The sides are softer so hopefully that means more edge grip and feel while the center is of a harder compound for longevity.

Essentials are what I also needed to buy for the upcoming race season, which really means I need to get things to prep my bike for the technical rules. First order of business is safety wiring and that entails drilling holes through bolts you don’t want to get loose when on track. I’ve seen people do this by placing the bolts in a vice and drilling, this is done through some disdain to be honest. I thought there has to be a better way so enter the Moto-D Safety Wire Drilling Guide. This looks like it will make drilling those said holes to be much easier, safer and faster. At $34.99 it wasn’t a bad deal.

They even included a little drill bit!

They even included a little drill bit!

I wanted to make the safety wiring look professional so I headed over to Kurvey Girl. Before you get any ideas this isn’t a website that would get you into trouble at work, but rather a go to place for all the bolts, nuts, fasteners so on and so forth for bikes. Hell she even stock parts! I wanted to get some safety pins/clips so it’ll have that professional aura to it. Her clips package was great at $10 not to mention FAST service. Also I didn’t want to keep continuously safety wiring over and over if I needed to get something off the bike, these clips will make it that much easier. I won’t be wiring until my suspension gets refreshed but it is good to have the parts now.

Large pins, medium pins, small pins, all kinds of pins!

Large pins, medium pins, small pins, all kinds of pins!

Last on my purchase was a tool set. Yes, I know, 27 years old and never bothered to owning my own set of tools. Blasphemy I would say. But I definitely needed one, preferably a complete set, so that when I am at the track next season I won’t be fretting over a socket wrench or open headed one, all will be there. Home Depot was running a special on a Husky 230 piece mechanics tool set for $99. Yes $99. I immediately went there, found my tool box and was more than happy to hand over my credit card. It feels beefy and heavy to be honest, and I am more than happy with that! Anyone needs work done they can call me now!

Who can go wrong with a lifetime warranty on hand tools?

Who can go wrong with a lifetime warranty on hand tools?

I will be acquiring a few more things before the tear down and prep is to resume. Keeping it low for now considering Christmas is upcoming and I am way too broke for anything else. I hope you guys all got your shopping done and had a wonderful holiday!


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