CamKix Monopod Review

In my last blog post I mentioned winning a new GoPro Hero 3+, which saved me the trouble of having to acquire one on my own, with that I sought out to purchase a monopod for it. After seeing the various angles of videos and pictures from the Internet and GoPro’s actual InstaGram/YouTube feeds I needed one in my arsenal of accessories. After some research I stumbled upon a very liked product that wasn’t going to break my wallet so enter: CamKix Monopod.

My purchase through Amazon along with a 64gig micro SD card (was $29.99 when I bought it) came rather quickly. Upon opening the package everything was packed well and in it’s place. The monopod was in a long rectangular plastic see-through packaging and my SD card was well in whatever they pack SD cards. I must say the tape they put on these packaging is a real pain in the ass and I suggest to you not to bite it.

64 Gig Micro SD so I can just record an obscene amount of videos then be lazy when it comes to editing them.

64 Gig Micro SD so I can just record an obscene amount of videos then be lazy when it comes to editing them.

Initial impressions of the monopod were good, as the reviews depicted. The handle was clad in a sort of alcantara-esque material. It was soft to the touch but provided a great deal of grip to the hands, good for swift movements and maintaining control. At the base of the pole there was girth to it but dwindled as you go to the tripod mount region, which I will happily note came with the mount attached. You will also notice the wrist strap that screw into the bottom albeit to keep the monopod from falling to the ground in the event you drop it.

Moving on up they included two straps of varying lengths for you, short and long, which attach your GoPro’s remote to the shaft of the grip. The straps simply just lock in place via a tab. The tab is quite sturdy to the feel and need a bit of force to close once you have the remote attached. The shorter of the two straps holds the remote further away from your hand while the longer one; you guessed it, holds the remote closer to the base.

I was worried that the head of the monopod was made to be in a fixed position. This feeling dismissed itself when I noticed a small notch on the side of the tripod mount that connects to the actual GoPro. A few twists of this to the left and it loosened the ball joint allowing the mount to freely rotate in whatever varying degree you wish to set it. A few twists to the right and it locks into place, folding away and out of reach.

Now onto the tricky part, extending the monopod. CamKix actually sent me an email before I got my product to inform me on how to use it and I, like most men, do not read instructions. Apparently it locks and unlocks with either a left or right motion, whichever motion does what I still confuse myself over. Basically if it isn’t extended you need to hold the grip then twist the top end until the first portion can be extended and continue. To lock it in its place twist it the other way and viola you just extended your monopod.

Construction of the monopod extension in my eyes COULD HAVE BEEN sturdier. I twisted to lock and unlock the extension portion a few times and I felt like I could have snapped it in half, probably my only gripe about the product on initial testing. They also do recommend not using it in water activities or extending completely for others as it may affect video stability. I will be taking this out this weekend to give it a good once over. Pictures and videos to follow!

Not bad of a setup. We will see how it does over the weekend.

Not bad of a setup. We will see how it does over the weekend.

At a price point of $25 for the monopod I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. Of course there are cheaper and more expensive options out there but this is pretty much like Goldilocks’s everything, just right.



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