Fantasy Leagues: MotoGP Style

I have to thank Nault’s Windham Honda again for inviting me back for a second year of their ongoing MotoGP Fantasy League. With the last round of Valencia still fresh in some people’s minds, winter testing already underway, I am still giddying over the final position of my entire season’s dedication to the league. Of course when people who don’t follow motorcycle racing or know of MotoGP at all give me dumbfounded looks that is quite all right. Football fantasy reign supreme in the states but for two-wheel fantasy is slowly taking over.

The idea behind the league was simple: a free to enter free-for-all with top three winners picked at the end, you know sort like a real race result. You choose the top finishing riders for each race, both factory and open class, where they finish is the equivalent to points you receive, the higher the finish ultimately the lower the score. If Marc Marquez finished 1st and his teammate in 4th, which happened frequently this season, you acquire 5 points for the race, so on and so forth for the open class riders. Least points at the end of the season wins!

After the flag dropped in Losail I went from being runner up the year before to 15th in a 27-man league. You can already taste my despair. It didn’t stop here, my luck continued as my sure bets from last season, Alvaro Bautista, Bradley Smith, Cal Crutchlow (who jumped shipped to Ducati this season) and especially Jorge Lorenzo were all doing me wrong! Mid season I was somewhere in 8th or 9th. I gritted my teeth and with some magical luck from The Doctor I managed to survive and retain my title of runner up! 2nd is the first loser but damn I’ll take a podium position any day!

Being a 27-man league there was scheming and behind the scenes anguish amongst the players. We didn’t have a standing board, it was at Nault’s, so if you wanted to see where everyone else was you had to go there. That didn’t deter me; it was getting my picks in on time before each race that scared me. I remember the Motegi round where I was in California. Given the time difference I remember the race would start at 2PM Japan time, meaning 2AM east coast time, but I was in California! Got them in at 9PM west coast time, barely! Some guy actually snuck away from his honeymoon to enter his picks. That is dedication; let’s hope he didn’t get scolded.

I have mentioned before this is a no fee entry league and anyone can play, what I also didn’t mention was the prizes they give out. These aren’t gift certificates or a discount for products in store, Nault’s does it right! Last year for second place I wont a brand spanking new Ogio 9800 Gear Rig bag. This thing is awesome and definitely made my life at the tracks easier by being able to carry all my gear in it! Last year’s winner, Alec, got himself some Oakley Frogskins, now that’s some good looking spectacles. This yea, being in second again, they toss my way a brand new GoPro Hero3 Black+, yea a brand new GoPro. How excited was I! Let’s not forget that Glenn, who runs the league, also threw in factory replica of toy bikes corresponding to your finishing place in the league with the actual racers. I am a Rossi nutter so it was only perfect that our 2nd places matched, although I wish he were number 1 of course!

Last year's winner Alec and I. He finished out of the podium this year and received Dani Pedrosa's replica as a result. #1 is mine next season!

Last year’s winner Alec and I. He finished out of the podium this year and received Dani Pedrosa’s replica as a result. #1 is mine next season!

Can’t thank these guys enough with putting on a league of this size just for fun, it definitely made watching the races this season way more interesting! I will be fiddling with my prize over winter in preps of the spring months where I can actually use it. In the meantime it is nothing but winter testing and old races to get this guy through the winter months!


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