Season’s End

With the passing of Monday also came the end of my season’s worth of track days. It is very bittersweet as I finally just got back into the flow of things with my own riding, feeling great, faster than before my crash and heck even having a few good battles with old and new riders alike. All of this progress and only to have the feeling be squandered by old man winter.

This past two-day track day weekend wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows as it proved to be nothing more then a torrential mess on Sunday with it raining every session. Damp was an understatement for the track as it was pretty much a flood zone area. Nothing is worse to a rider mid lean than a standing puddle. Anyone got rain tires for sale?! I only went out for two of the open sessions and call it a day, rather be eating the delicious array of food than get my ass kicked by mother nature on her whimsical period.

Track days aren’t just for the big boys, we really have made them a family affair!

When I said rain – I meant RAIN!

I tend to sit out not because I don’t like rainy track days – it’s because I don’t like a soaking suit that I will have to use again the next day. The struggle is real people.

Double Beefiness Rain Pucks

Double Beefiness Rain Pucks

We all need a set of these beef pucks right here!

Monday – now what can I say about Monday? Perfect weather anyone? All my friends feared that a track day in the north east in mid-late September would be a frigid one, but I wasn’t concerned aside from Sunday’s fiasco. Monday  brought with her ample sunshine, warmer weather, but it was breezy, really, really breezy. Hey I will take all I can get to salvage what was a two-day into a one day.

The warm up session was great to actually stretch the legs a bit. I was very hesitant on going out because I actually was nervous, I hadn’t spent much time, wet or dry sessions, on the bike since the last track day so I took it easy. Feelings were good, a little knee dragging here, a quick up shift there, oh some head shake? No problem! But then as I blew past the straight I see one of the new guys riding with us on the grass infield picking up his bike, wasn’t a good sign, especially on the straight. I pitted in there after, checking my own equipment, talking to the guys about the conditions, checking up on the new guy that went down and so forth.

Cue the battling! This is why I do track days: on track battles. This isn’t the full on MotoGP style battles but it’s a good jousting amongst friends. My motto is the only way to ever get faster is by riding with faster people. It never made sense to me when I hear racers say they like following riders on track who are faster and learn from them. The act of visuals rather than verbal didn’t make sense here, at least to me, until this season and these handful of track days I have under my belt now. I learned so much from some sweet, epic, fun battles between my friends as well as learn from them when I was following. Where I struggled before at this track I am learning to get faster, where I excelled I learn to push further. As a rider you cant ask for much more than that to be honest!

Here are some videos that I managed to record from the Monday sessions:

Packing up I was happy as it was another good track time that I got to get in. The people always make it better and my riding friends surely did a good amount of that! Winter will be long but if it was anything like the winter of two seasons ago mine will be filled with piling up on parts and dare I say it acquiring my own race steed!

It's Time to Pit In

It’s Time to Pit In

Stay tuned!


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