New Trackday Playgrounds

I just recently got back from a two-day excursion down at the new Thompson Motorsports Park, videos & photos will be up later, when upon returning I hear wind of the new racetracks opening up next season along with some older tracks that wants to dive back into motorcycles again. All this just brings a smile from ear to ear. Who wouldn’t love a new track to play on? I certainly would!

When I first started the closest track to us was Loudon’s New Hampshire Motor Speedway. At about an hour’s drive away it wasn’t that far by any stretch of the imagination, but being the only one within earshot of a day’s trip was very sad. The next closes track worthy of a trip? New Jersey Motorsports Park. Six hours away. Monticello had just closed, NYST wasn’t built yet, Lime Rock didn’t allow bikes back, Palmer was shut down, Club Motorsports didn’t even exist. All we had was Loudon. All I had was one track to learn on. That all changed beginning of last season into this and will again change next season!

Lime Rock has contacted our trackday organizers with the interest of their business, I mean who wouldn’t considering his business is thus the only real survivor left in the trackday wars, as I like to deem it. Its successful and always draw in large groups of riders from beginners to club racers so it was imminent Lime Rock picked up their phones and give him a shout.

Very Colorful Lime Rock

Only 2.5 hours away from us around the southern end of CT the drive would be palpable to the taste buds of us trackday fiends. I cant way to start laying rubber on it once the deal is written up, which for the sake of the sport we hope is soon!

More info on Lime Rock here:

Next up is Palmer Motorsports Park which being a track that’s been around for ages and now being remodeled for the new era is great for us! It’s only 1.5 hours out in western MA which means we will frequent this much much more once it opens up. I have checked their sector speed times for these corners and I must say it seems like a very high speed track. A lot of sweepers can be viewed from the track map below which will most likely make it a different animal than Loudon’s stop and go technicalities.

Reminds Me of a Certain German MotoGP Round

3D Rendering

It runs counter-clockwise which means a whole lotta lefts, whole lotta me likes!

More info on Palmer here:

The last track to my knowledge opening up is Club Motorsports.

Every Thing for Every One

I couldn’t find much information about this track without signing up for their newsletter but it seem it will host an updated facility very much around the high tech. No word if it’s going to accept motorcycles yet but we certainly hope they will. The venue looks incredible along with the video simulation they put out:

With so many new tracks along with Loudon’s renovations & six trackdays scheduled there next season it is safe to say I am indeed foaming at the mouth. Going from only having one nearby track to five within a four and a half hour drive of us has become a god send. What is this moving out to California business anymore?!




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