SBK Unlimited ECU Reflash

Yamaha’s YZF-R6 in stock form is already a beast of an animal, but don’t take my word for it, rather the multitude of championships won both here and on the world stage as the evidence to my statement. The question now is how do you improve on an already race winning package in stock form? If you were me you would go the normal route of bolt on, done, front & rear suspension, done, bike geometry on race tires, done & even the ‘best bang for your buck’ chain & sprocket conversions. Done & done. Of course this completely changed the nature of my bike for both on & off the track excursions but what if you are looking for the extra something special at a price you can live with?

Enter the Superbike Unlimited ECU Reflash. This isn’t a shameless plug for the company but a first impression of both their customer service & product as a whole. To start this isn’t the YEC flash, which is up there being a factory works option, but a simple $90 flashing of your stock ECU to remove the but not limited to following:

  • Remove all throttle based restrictions
  • Remove all speed and gear based restrictions
  • Race ignition timing (for premium pump gas)
  • YCC-T Race Throttle
  • Reduce Engine Braking
  • Load Power Commander maps directly onto your ECU
  • Adjustable radiator fan temps for more efficient cooling
  • Adjustable rev limiter
  • Bypassing the factory o2 sensor for better throttle response
  • Adjustable velocity stack opening point
  • Quick shifting

Stock Map VS Reflash

You can have all these options and then some base on SBK Unlimited suggestion. Also note this is a mail-in service, which brings me to the first notion: customer service.

Customer Service: 9 Out of 10

Once you purchase from the website the ecu service, you will be prompt with an email with a list of questions stemming from modifications current on your bike as well as things you would like to suggest be done to your ecu while it is out there. You pay for both shipping there & back. There is downtime of course while your ecu is out, but not that long. After a Monday trackday I pulled my ecu, shipped it out next day & got it back exactly a week after. It was pretty quick turnaround for sure, communications between SBK Unlimited & myself we topnotch. They answered all my questions that I had and kept me posted on how my reflash was going; ensuring me that whatever electronics I have on the bike already will continue to work as they should.


Forum Reviews Are the Best

ECU Options:

I opted to have all their services listed above as well as on their website to be done to my ecu. All of which they manage without fault. One question I did have been about my standalone QS4 unit I had, ensuring that I will be able to continue to use it.

First Impression: 10 Out of 10

Is this even the same freaking bike?! Upon start up my bike rests easier at a 1.5k RPM idle, not sounding like it will be gasping for air with its previously lower idle from the factory. I can now let go of the clutch in 1st gear & not have to touch the throttle to aid it to move, quite lovely in traffic of course.

They also mapped my modifications, Leo Vince SBK full exhaust with BMC air filter directly onto my ecu, no longer do I need to have a Power Commander 3 on my bike, but I ended up loading a Zero Map onto it because I was too lazy to take it off. The system itself sounds fantastic now, really mean and throaty especially when on full throttle.

Yamaha had restricted the power output on their bikes below 10k RPM which meant exactly that, you did not have full power unless you exceeded that RPM threshold. Well the reflash fixes that and then some. Upon first crack of the throttle I noticed just HOW MUCH SMOOTHER the power came on, and boy did it come on! Between twisting the wrist and looking at the tachometer shoot up I had already broken 100mph, prompting me to back off the throttle as quickly as I got on it. Also great to note is that 1st gear is no longer its twitchy former self. Sport bike riders all know this feeling, crack the throttle in 1st, close it and be felt with a world of hurt when trying to hoist your weight on the bars because of the twitching.

Engine braking has been reduced throughout all the gears. This means that braking before corner entry will be much smoother, easier on the suspension as to not upset it. I can downshift faster without worrying about the backlash of the engine braking from stock kicking in; buttery smooth downshift is all I can say about that. For some reason upshifting is also just as smoother as before. Am I complaining, certainly not?

The stock ecu kicks the radiator fans in around 214 degrees, quite toasty wouldn’t you agree? This reflash brings them on at a much cooler 194-6 degrees. This not only helps the engine but your thighs to not become raw chicken after a long day.

Overall I couldn’t be much happier with this modification. It truly is now the ‘best bang for your buck’ mod in my eyes. Great customer service, great ecu reflash (albeit there is some other services that truly fine tune your whole system but of course at a higher price), suggestions & feedback from SBK Unlimited were on par with top companies, actually race and proven services, so what is not to like?

If you were hesitant about doing this I would say just click add to cart and in a few days you will be insanely happy! The reflash will really bring out the potential of your bike which I still think should have been standard from the factory.


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