Afternoon Delights

Having three weeks off from my afternoon job has been a double edge sword. On one hand it’s fantastic to have time off from that job that I normally wouldn’t have, on the other it causes me to spend more money! Since it’s summer my friends would normally not invite me anywhere because they all know of my second job, but because I am on a semi-vacation I can always count on an afternoon delight once my time card is punched out.

We have been having warm & very summer like weather this whole week so why waste it by NOT going into Boston? Can’t express how much this city is alive during the spring/summer/fall months, OK anything other than winter and you’ll be in for a treat I’d say. Vibrant colors, multitude of different people & even dogs frolicking about all in search of spending their afternoon off and away from work.

Boston Garden

Boston Garden

Is anything better than that view right there? I would highly doubt that! The Boston Commons, Garden & Newbury Street are just some of the places most frequent by people during these amazing times after 5 o’clock, but who would blame them with views like that.

The Leonard P. Zakim Bridge has become an almost immediate recognized fixture in the Boston skyline. It’s a beautiful piece of art that they just happen to call a bridge. Many photographers both professional & amateur have always tried to capture what it really is, its beauty, but you just have to dodge work and go there on a Tuesday night to really appreciate it.

High Rises

High Rises

Being a passenger has become a godsend for me. I can just sit back, roll down the windows, let the wind blow through my fingers & hair & just enjoy what is blowing pass me. City lights always intrigues me & Boston’s Seaport end does not disappoint.

Feed the Hunger

Feed the Hunger

Don’t forget to eat either! Why did we make the troop all the way to Boston on this particular night? Well for the $1 oysters that were to be had at McCormick & Schmick’s. Lemon, Tabasco & some cocktail sauce & you are good to go! Doesn’t hurt to order about five dozens neither.

Cheese It

Cheese It

I need more summer nights like these. With my vacation coming to being into its second week the time I have now to just relax & do nothing is slowly winding down. Let it be filled with some more good times!


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