Birthday – Beer – BBQ

Nothing is more quintessentially summer then having a birthday, beers and some BBQ is there? I didn’t think so! With America’s birthday imminently upon us let me share with you my weekend with my friend whom it was just her birthday.



Becoming quite my favorite beer of this summer – I suggest you guys go and pick up some before the season is out!

New Arrivals

New Arrivals

We have only recently been able to get Yuengling up here in the North East and I won’t lie that it’s been a big hit amongst my friends and I.

Food is a big thing for BBQs and you can never go wrong with steaks and clams. Medium rare or raw is always good in my book. Burgers and hot dogs are great but you always need to stray away from the norm.

Great people are also a must for these things.

Drinking games come in a wide variety but as you can see: beer pong will always reign supreme.

Where Are the BP Gods When You Need Them

Where Are the BP Gods When You Need Them

You’re never too old for a pinata neither!

You can definitely get a little dizzy spinning around before actually hitting the thing.

Not always fun and games to be honest. Casualties are a side product.

Now for the muscles!

Birthday Smiles

Birthday Smiles

Last but not least the birthday cake and (in this case) girl!


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