Tips For Long Motorcycle Rides

Best thing about riding bikes are getting up early and going on a nice, long, twisty ride with you and your buddies. But what can you expect really to make such a ride more fun and enjoyable? I will list a few tips that you can take beforehand to make sure the next long ride you’re on will be a blast!

1. Get Enough Sleep!

Seems really simple right? But let us be honest here when was the last time you were able to ‘sleep’ when you knew something fun was about to unfold the next day? That’s what I thought! Although it is tough, getting enough sleep can make the difference in how you feel during your long ride the next day. Everyone has their own way on sleeping early, so do what works best for you, but do try to squeeze in about 8 solid hours of rest if you plan to ride all day the next day. TRUST ME!

He Has the Right Idea

2. Stay Hydrated.

DRINK A LOT OF WATER! Yes it will help you lose weight but it will also help keep you hydrated, which is more important than anything else on this list. Being hydrated keeps you focused and on point mentally, things that are vital when you are riding any kind of motorcycle over any distance. Drink a few glasses before you head out and keep hydrated at break points during the day.

Stay Thirsty My Friends!

3. Be Early – Gas Up!

Everyone hates having to wait on that one guy(s) so just leave earlier than you would normally do when heading to the meeting spot. If everyone hates that guy that is late everyone will hate one who comes with an empty gas tank! Fill it up beforehand! The longer people wait for you the longer it takes to get moving. What does this mean? It means more cars on the roads the later in the day you go out. What does that spell? N O F U N.

Gas Up to the Brim

4. Invest in a Tinted Visor

This is more of a preference and up to you but let me say this – no one wants a sunburn through a clear visor from riding all day. Can this happen? YES IT CAN! Besides who wants to be squinting while riding all day in the sun? Certainly not me. Invest in one and you can save yourself from having to buy aloe Vera for that burn later.

Save the Sun Burnt Face for Later

Save the Sun Burnt Face for Later

5. Don’t Work Out

Do it for your health of course but don’t strain your muscles the day before the ride. You’ll already by aching so why put your body through more stress before it? You’ll need all your strength though so skip it for a day, you can double up on cardio later!

6. Discuss the Routes

If it’s a long ride let people know what they can expect on the road. Address where you will stop, what exits you will take and what the road will be like. Whatever little tips on the roads you ride that can be given beforehand will help people know what to expect. Break either often for short amount of time or have longer breaks but further in between. Get some adequate rest time during the day.

Let Everyone Know Where They’re Going

7. Grab a Bite

It’ll be a long day, as much as you need to hydrate to focus, you need to eat to refuel. Remember to stop at a place to grab a quick bite. Eat light and stay away from hearty and rich foods. Those foods make you feel lethargic, tired and food coma is imminent so it isn’t the best choice when riding long distances.

2 Wheels – 3 Wheels – 4 Wheels – Remember to Eat

To me those are the most important tips I can give someone to allow them to prepare for a long ride. Your body will ache from being in one position, sitting on the bike, and your buttocks will scream for mercy when you are finally off the steed but to be honest if you can bear with all these setbacks you’ll more than likely have a blast on your ride, short or long!


Enjoy Your Day Riding

Enjoy Your Day Riding


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