No Car? No Problem!

In Vietnam tax is around 300%. Yes THREE HUNDRED PERCENT! To put that into perspective if you bought a new $10,000 car, which is highly unlikely for that price, you will be paying $30,000 in taxes, alone. What happens if you cant afford a car and have an obscene amount of things to lug around? Well my friends fear no more as their is no amount of cargo large enough that the patrons of Vietnam has not conquered, and more or less carried.

Goldfishes Anyone?

One Way To Carry Fido Around

Two Up & Plants!

‘Don’t Mind Me – Just to the Market I Go’

Stack Em High

Fresh Poultry Catching Some Air

The Egg Man Right Behind Ya

Get Your Baskets Here!

Jugs for All Types of Characters

Big Red Baskets Coming Through

Blocks of Ice – Staples of Vietnam

Chicharron in the Making

Not to be Outdone from the First Egg Man

Tiny Seats – Not So Tiny When There’s This Many

In the Mood for a Hula Hoop Anyone?

Vietnam’s Version of a Firetruck??


All photos are courtesy of Hans Kemp.


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