​I never had the athlete body they always portrayed men to have on TV and that was always alright with me. Until something snap.

Talk About Plump

Talk About Plump

The top was when I was at my heaviest. 180+ lbs of just sheer laziness, self loathing, excuses and overall unhappiness with life. I let myself go and on more than one occasion. I wanted but desperately needed drastic change.

Trimmed & Slimmed But Unhealthy

Trimmed & Slimmed But Unhealthy

I went on a crash dieting that saw my weight from 180+ to just shy of 161 in the bottom left image. It was wonderful! I looked the slimmest I ever had been in my entire life. What people didn’t know was it was achieved in under 1.5 months through nothing but salads and constant overworking of my body to lose those extra lbs. I looked great sure but I felt weak and unhealthy. I would’ve rather been fat and sluggish.

Long, Hard Work But Worth It

Long, Hard Work But Worth It

It wasn’t until I read up on the chemistry of my body and learned to achieve a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that benefits my well being and my psyche. The right image is where I have stood for the last year or so. I am slim albeit not much but I feel great. I wake up at dawn, have energy to last an entire day and best of all I feel healthier than I ever have been.

Achieving your weight training goals the right way takes discipline, determination and will. It also takes a helluva long time but if you stick with it you’ll be reaping the rewards in no time!


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