Southern Cuisine

Best part about traveling is the great amount of food you get to enjoy. I am for one a sucker for southern food so it was a great way to satisfy my long hunger for some southern delicacies. I have been dreaming about boudin, creole and Texas BBQ for months since my road trip so here is a tid bit of some of the eats I had on my trip to Austin.



Although not really on my list of things to MUST EAT it wasn’t going to be a trip without an In-n-Out burger excursion. We aren’t lucky enough to have these in the northeast so whenever there is one around you can bet its a double double animal style with animal fries for this guy.

Creole Jambalaya

Creole Jambalaya

Looks good right? Major craving for creole and cajun and what is better than some seafood jambalaya? I found a hole in the wall place called Evangeline Cafe in Austin and my god was that a good find. This was top notch and although not pictured they did have boudin which really made me happy, I even ordered seconds on that!

Ramen Done Right

Ramen Done Right

A little bit of home right there in Houston’s Chinatown. Soup when drunk is amazing, soup like this was even better. I forgot the name of the place we had gone too but their beef tongue and takoyaki was on point!

Roadside BBQ

Roadside BBQ

I notice southerners love pickles, something we have in common, and they put it on all their BBQ. I am not complaining. Found a roadside BBQ place and lets say it wasn’t that bad!

Rudy's is the Place!

Rudy’s is the Place!

Extra moist brisket all the way!  Rudy’s does it right, every single time. They give some samples so you can taste a bit of everything before you buy it, but honestly I would’ve bought everything on their menu. The Fanta is mine, it goes well with the meal!

Until my next vacation I will have to simply look at these photos and think back to better eats – this is really making me hungry.



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