Mountainous Retreat

Whenever I am away on a weekend getaway I seldom take photos, not because I am lazy (OK maybe part of the reason), but because I rather submerge myself in having fun, being away and enjoying my time that much more.

Last weekend is the first in a string of weekends coming through the next few months in which I will be away on ‘mini-vacations’ and what better way to ring it in than a last trip of the season to the slopes?

How about cramming 20 or so friends into a house with an indoor pool and heated hot tub for starters? Mix in a few copious amounts of alcohol. Dash of impeccable cooking. You my friend just created the elixir for a good time (and in my case one where recovery involved in getting sick!)

My weekend was incredible considering I did not get any sleep at all. Usually that is what happens on these weekend away anyways. To recover from the first night of fun binging I set off the next day to traverse some of the local roads around Lincoln, New Hampshire, otherwise known as the Kanc when it’s spring to us motorcyclist aficionados!

What am I Looking At?

What am I Looking At?

It was cold, snowing and an abundance of snowmobiles were out in full force. I assume when it snows that much up in mountainous terrains this was the way of having fun.

High Vis Gear is Necessary

High Vis Gear is Necessary

It seemed like a fun thing to do to be honest, and I wish I had thought about this. But a las being the weird person shooting photos of people enjoying their time together was a cause of concern. I tried to be secretive, but that never works out too well in my favor.

Aside from the randomness of snowmobiles, the sight seeing wasn’t too shabby.

25 Cents for a View

25 Cents for a View

Worth the Money

Worth Every Penny

Snow kept falling harder and harder by the minute but soon after a while my companions and I decided to track back to the house, realizing our adventure needs were filled for the day.

As I walked away I snapped this last one, but in post-production I realized I couldn’t use it – everything was out of focus. But after a few edits I thought ‘heck why not’ and here it is:

Lines Leading to No Where

Lines Leading to No Where

This family was the last of them to leave and it shows how much they can take the time out of their own adventure and enjoy some sights. Reminds me to do this every time I go off on my own adventure.

Until the next weekend getaway – MotoGP in Austin, Texas next month!



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