Impulse is Bad

My friend called me this morning wanting to go buy some gear because he is starting to ride this year and needed some help picking out some good and safe things. I took him to Seacoast Cycles up in NH which deals in Ducatis’/Aprilias/Moto Guzzi/Arais’/Shoeis’/AGV yadda yadda.

He picked up a Dainese jacket, CorsAir V and some Dainese full carbon pros, at the same time the place had a buy one get one half off and they just happen to have the Corsa SoleLuna there and I had me a go at it.

Needless to say I left also with some goodies

SoleLuna for City Driving

SoleLuna for City Driving

I have the GP-Tech as a comparison and I must say, although the GP-Tech is a bit on the loose side for me (large), the Corsa in a ML was BEYOND perfect. I usually ride street in my Suomy Spec 1R, track in my Arai Profile, but man this helmet may just take precedent over all of those duties. I am posting this while wearing it.

The vision is outstanding so I can imagine coming out of the bowl at Loudon and looking at the next apex to be a breeze, something the GP-Tech/Suomy gave me a load of problems with. The lower back portion of the helmet is raised up, I found this to be for when you are tucked, looking up through the wind screen, that the back of the helmet don’t hit the upper portion of your hump, also something I have noticed over my stint of track riding. Did I mention this thing is ridiculously LIGHT?! Can sway my head side to side and don’t even feel the extra weight on it, can see less bobbles in the wind at speeds.

Overall I have yet to ride this on the street but from the initial impression I cannot wait.

Speaking of which I went for the first ride of my season! It was chilly but not unbearable. Plenty of puddles that I couldn’t avoid with the addition of cars kicking up water into my visor made it for somewhat of a bummer. After an hour and a good stretching of my legs I went to our usual stomping grounds:

Someone is Early

Someone is Early

only to find that I had jumped the gun on riding! Oh well!

P.S. while at Seacoast I saw this gem:

Ducati 1199 Panigale R

Ducati 1199 Panigale R

Yes that is the R model – and dear lord if I only had the dollar bills to fork over for it and not think twice! That is a dream isn’t it? Back to making those noodle bowls to get this!



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