Year of the Horse

There is New Years and then there is NEW YEARS. The former more so coincides with the usual New Year’s Eve celebration carrying over past midnight while the latter is more of a traditional and festival-esque atmosphere that occurs on the second full moon of the New Year.

Li Xi Pouches Marking Tet

Li Xi Pouches Marking Tet

I spent my Saturday in UMass Lowell’s Cumnock Hall where they almost always hold the celebration of Tet for all, of Asian descent or not, to come and join in. Skits, singers, bands and even fashion shows were just some of the headliners at this year’s event. Families, friends and passer bys were all in attendance not to mention the hordes of little kids running around screaming their heads off; this was the Tet of old I remembered.

The perks of these things are really being able to get Li Xi goodies. What are they you ask? Well they are little red decorated pouches in which elders give to young children. No they aren’t filled with candy but their contents, of money, can buy you copious amounts of candy! Tradition entails for the handing out of the bags every year and what amount you get is a gamble you play, not a bad tradeoff if you ask me. Only downside is once you are my age you are done getting them and are expected to be handing them out!

It wouldn’t be a Tet show without the dragon dance of course. I came mainly for this as I love seeing the dragons snicker about through the crowds, scaring and leaving in awe the little kids. It’s elegant, majestic and honestly what is not cool about a dragon dance? Tell me!

Even though this year’s New Year doesn’t happen until this Friday, the 31st, it is a good start to what is now will be the Year of the Horse.


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