The After Storm

I always, more often than not, love how my street looks after a snow storm. Before all the plow trucks come barreling down my street, neighbors bringing out their little snow blowers or the occasional kid with their sled going up and down the hill it looks pretty perfect to me.

Picturesque Winter

Picturesque Winter

I love winter minus all the shoveling. It may be my least favorite time of the year in a sense of being outdoors and active but it just blankets everything in a pristine white you don’t get in all corners of the country.

Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Snow Covered Branches

Snow Covered Branches

Of course it piles onto my car as well.

We are getting more snow as I type this so in the morning when I wake up it’ll be a sight for all to see, before all the shoveling of course!




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