Cleaning Alcantara

In my last post I talked about finishing some bits of my interior and in the process I had gotten 3M #90 adhesive glue onto my alcantara (what is alcantara?) and let’s just say it left a few stains. My first solution was to go to the forums of which I frequent but the problem arise of many differing solutions to one stagnant problem.

I couldn’t find a direct answer so I resorted to contacted the company that makes the alcantara products for my car, JPM Coachworks. They were prompt with the solution to my very unfortunate problem and I must say what great customer service this was! More companies should take charge and be like them, it will undoubtedly lead to happy customers!

To clean my alcantara e brake boot I needed the following:

Micro Fiber Rags

Micro Fiber Rags

Mainly white micro fiber rags as you do not want transfer of colors from the rags onto the alcantara products themselves.

Lacquer Thinner

Lacquer Thinner

Also you would need lacquer thinner. This stuff is potent to paint surfaces so always wear gloves while handling this.

JPM said these two was all you needed and some elbow grease. I applied very little of the thinner onto the white section of the micro fiber, remember to never directly apply it to the alcantara material itself. Then just rub in small circles without really going in a back and forth motion. After a few completed circles I can really tell the glue gunk, which was sitting for a couple of days, was starting to come off and disappear.

Here are side by sides:

I am really glad I got all the gunk off, now it looks much better. This was a simple clean but routine cleaning of alcantara materials in your car will help in the long run for the life of the product. Check out the link atop for more information on this really great material!



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