New Years’ Boston Style

I have spent a few New Year’s Eve celebrations in and around Boston but it was doing the usual and normal things that I was used too. Check out Frog Pond, see the ice sculptures, buy some lit up New Year eye wear and maybe catch the fireworks display, but I haven’t really went there to actually go from bar to bar until this time around. This wasn’t such a bad idea if it hadn’t been arctic style weather the past few days, which really meant single digit temperatures along with knuckle curling icy winds.

When you have a pack of 20 some odd people gaming to fend through it – any cold weather is a mere obstacle from a journal of bar to bar.

I had a great time with some great people on this bringing in the new year so I could not complain. Drinks were abundant, good laugh and cheer, some square dancing went on and of course the countdown was had with immense volume of yelling and high fiving. Champagne? Of course! The barkeeps saw to it to hand out free champagne to its patrons once the clock did hit its 12 o’clock marks.

Our night ended pretty late, or I should at least say mine did. I don’t think I have been back to my bed that late in quite some time, I remember moseying into my comforters and catching the clock strike 4:45 before I decided to rest my eyes before the first morning of the new year came. My 2013 was fun and filled with a lot of things. At times it seemed to passed by slower than molasses, but now when I look back it really felt like the clock did just struck 12 AM for the first day of 2013.

Time is fleeting – spend it with the people you care about. Happy New Year!


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