Year in Pictures

Today is the last day of the year 2013, seems kind of Judgement Day like when you put it that way, but honestly its just the ending of one 24-hour cycle with the beginning of another. Just so happens we will write ’14 at the end of our date statements rather than ’13 for the next 365 days. Some of us, including me, will make the mistake of ’13 instead of ’14 for a few days, must readjust.

One thing that is for sure with the year’s end are the endless amounts of ‘Year In Reviews’ that will pop up along with status updates & Twitter tweets pertaining but not limited too this phrase ‘2013 wasn’t my year, but 2014 will be!’ I never understood this mentality, as time is really relative and it exists all at one, but whatever it takes to make people happy.

I do have one, or three of these ‘year in reviews’ myself all thanked to StatiGram, FlipaGram and Google+. They’re all just pictures taken from my Instagram, Google+ account, blogs and videos & pictures from my personal phone. I always had the intention of sitting down and doing a true year in review but I find myself too busy at times and other too tired to think of a creative way to share it. Any who here is my contribution:

Year In Review: FlipaGram

Year in Review: StatiGram

Year in Review: Google+

Even though all these clips are short, short clips, they are a snippet into my 2013 year. It has passed by really within a blink of an eye. I started a new job of which I am still currently at, I got the chance to travel throughout the year, vacation in some great places, had a few grand parties, made a lot of mistakes, spent a lot of money on a new car, and really reignited some old passion. All in all I thoroughly enjoyed what this year had to offer me, and I will admit that even though after the clock strikes midnight I will look forward to what 2014 has in store.

Happy New Year everyone!

Counting Down

Counting Down


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