Mass Tuning: Paul Walker Memorial Meet

Didn’t think I would be going to a car meet in the middle of winter up in the north east but here I was standing in an underground parking garage with 3 full levels filled of tuner cars from mild to wild and everything in between. MassTuning made this charity event in honor of the passing of Paul Walker last month and to be honest it was a good turnout, more than what I had expected for the month of December to say the least.

Walker for most really symbolized why they got into the car tuning scene in the first place, you can probably thank the first Fast & the Furious movie. Many people can trace back to that movie and completely relate to it and acknowledge how its scene, cars, and ideals really got them into the movement. It was a tragic and really early passing of a great person who represented so much to so many enthusiasts that holding a meet was only fitting to his memory.

A few friends and I had gotten there early enough to park in some decent area which allowed for early moseying around the car park. This setting reminded me of the meets that west coast enthusiasts would have, car park structures, evening to late nights, and lots of characters, always good for people watching if cars weren’t your thing. As the minutes rolled by more and more four wheeled combustion chambered vehicles made their way down the twirling ramps, tire screeching everywhere, exhaust notes sometimes at full blare and obscene amounts of gawkers and onlookers alike, staring down each and every car and driver that rolled by.

There were vendors, there were drift RC demos and there was bumping sound systems and led under glows, really brought back the memories, hmm, of the quite ricer days of import tuning (they will never die I suppose.) From these though there were many more that were tastefully modified, hand built and meticulously cared for dyno queens, show room beauties all the way to the driven hard, don’t give a f**k how it looks, slammed ones too. I remember seeing the most pristine, stock (looking), NSX driven by its owner whom I had the chance to see a few times on the highways in the past, really made my day to see it. There were also built EVO MR’s, a gang of Subaru BRZ/FRS parked in tow, endless amounts of WRX & STi’s as well as a few boy racer GTR’s, Lambos and even a Corvette that I swear could’ve been the ZR1 that was just immaculate.

Arrive in Packs

Arrive in Packs

Of course with any meet you do have the undesired part of the crowd that attends. You know the ones that do burnouts, skip the parking queue to go around everyone and just rev their engines to god’s content (sometimes I wish a rod would spin and they can call it a day). There is no escaping them, where there is a meet, there will be ricers.

Overall it was a good activity to kill some time on my Saturday afternoon. It gave me ideas on how I want to proceed with my own project so it was not a total loss. Of course it was also for the Paul Walker Charity so a good cause is a good cause, for now to hibernate until spring time.


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