Happy Christmas & Merry Holidays!!

I love Xmas season and the holidays in general. I love it even more when I have an obscene amount of nieces and nephews running a muck throughout my house whilst having the worse hangover after a night of complete binging on vintage 18 year old Jameson whiskey. But I do love the holidays nonetheless.

This year was better than last year, as the theme is slowly showing. A lot of my family has now made amends with one another and it truly feels like Xmas of old, I cannot complain. The Phan Xmas tree finally made its debut after an 11 year hiatus along with none other than SANTA CLAUSE (albeit is my father in disguise, but hey he has the spirit.)

It's Been So Long

It’s Been So Long

Some of the family around this tree of plastic and lights:

Aptly here is all the kiddies, some older kiddies and my Da ….. cough Santa at gift giving time:

It was great seeing all my family, even if some, really most, of them couldn’t make it there is always next year!

From My PhanMily to Yours

From My PhanMily to Yours

Happy Whatever It Is That You Happen To Celebrate & a Happy New Year!



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