Braving the Storm to Shred

I really have a love and hate relationship with winter but it comes with living in the northeast really. It’s the only place I love being and really the only corner of the world where all four seasons coincide with each other, albeit sometimes they go to their extremes.

Let’s start with my hatred of Old Man Winter here in Massachusetts. It’s cold, sometimes REALLY cold. Only here you can have it be 60 degrees in November and then turn around and be minus 15 the week after with an impending snowstorm barreling down on you, then its back to the high 50s for Thursday. Secondly the daylight last for what seems like minutes, it really does when you consider working in an office for the better part of 8 hours. You’d leave for work in the dark and come home in the dark; it takes its toll on your mentality! My last reasoning is you never know when winter is over, Groundhog Day anyone? You can never depend on them groundhogs!

Enough to Make You Cringe

Enough to Make You Cringe

So do I even like winter? For a few reasons and I got to experience the first of many this season: snowboarding. I love snowboarding and it was through this sole activity that I had a profound new love for winter. With the passing of Thanksgiving I silently yearn for a snowstorm, a blizzard in fact, white out conditions if possible! Nothing like bombing down the mountain trail with fresh snow pressed up underneath your snowboard of the flurries zooming pass your eyes as you wink to miss them actually hitting them but realized you have goggles on. Yes that’s joy!

Racked & Ready to Rumble

Racked & Ready to Rumble

Snowboarding is an all day affair and one that leaves many, whom falls a lot, to be really bruised, battered, sore and grinning from ear to ear the next day. For this elation we went to Stratton, Vermont in literally the last leg of this season’s first storm. The drive was heinous, horrendous conditions mixed with summer tires is never good, the lines were short, the snowcast was impeccable and the company was on par.

Frozen Tomb Adventure

Frozen Tomb Adventure-Mobile

Overall for the first day back this season it was a session of shaking off the cobwebs and getting back into the swing of things. For this season I hope to make trek towards a lot more mountains with my friends and pray to the snow gods that it will blizzard every weekend up in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, and they can skip MA, The less of it here the better I will like Old Man Winter!


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