Retail Season

Just merely hours, or even one these days, after people finish their Thanksgiving dinner they rush off to stand and wait in line at their local retail stores. It really has become the norm for as long as I can remember. No longer does finishing the pumpkin pie marks the end of a feast but just the beginning of an all out war amongst holiday shopping hopefuls, a few years ago I too was one of these hopefuls.

They call this amazing once a year event: Black Friday. It should be aptly renamed Madness Before Dusk Thursday as a lot of retailers are now even opening up on the day of thanks! Outrageous, but people will still flock for the deals they assume they can have. People jump heads over heels figuratively and literally all for the sake of saving a few dollars but they don’t realize these deals are offered throughout the year. It really then has turned into a fiasco of crazies. A fiasco I wanted to go and see!

Late Night Shoppers

Late Night Shoppers

Trampling, pushing, shoving, yelling and shouting. Humans really turn back into Neanderthals for a few hours during this part of the holiday season. Unfortunately really but it makes for great people watching. I picked up some compatriots and moseyed on to my local shopping watering hole, which proved to be not as hard as most made it out to be. Parking, well people parked literally where they wanted, on banks, on grass, wherever their cars can fit and they feel like they won’t be ticketed, they parked.

Stores had lined off sections, all primarily for electronics, showing our further dependence on the technology. I really just wanted Blu-Ray DVDs (I am a big sucker for the hardware aspects to build my collection) but the lines seem long and daunting, something I didn’t want to endure, not on this occasion. I fired up my DSLR instead and snapped away in parts to remember how insane the lengths and earths some people will go to in order to save a buck and for the sheer entertainment I am about to witness.

It’s unfortunate that a holiday has again been turned into something this commercialized. But I do hope people find what they were shopping for. We all know Christmas is literally just around the corner!


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