Eleven Years in the Making

I am a firm believer that technology has its place in the world. It helps humanity progress forward in such an incredibly fast paced motion that to even conceive of these possibilities even 30 years ago would deem you crazy. Advances in technology has brought so many distant things that much closer together but it has also kept apart the essence of humanity even more, face to face. The point in question here is how can such miracles in this day and age connect all of us but still somehow disconnect us?

It was a few months ago that I was getting ready for a night out with some friends when it hit me: use technology and all its worth and RECONNECT. I wanted nothing more than to reconnect with people in the, now, olden ways of communication – physically seeing and talking to them, catching up as sorts. It dawned on me that in the past ten plus years no one from my old school has made an attempt to bring together everyone from our childhood years, the best years if I am to be quite frank.

I used Facebook, Twitter and pretty much social media outlets to reconnect with my old childhood friends, some I haven’t seen in over that ten year span. I wanted people to reconnect with their youths, with a time when things such as bills, a job, getting married or buying a house didn’t mattered and all that did was gym class dodge ball, art class painting, computer class gaming. I wanted to bring everyone to a single destination, fill a room, order some drinks and have a great time, I am happy to say with the help of technology I was able to accomplish this and then some.

I give you the graduating (albeit middle school) class of 2002 from the Wang Middle School:

Wangsters Circa 1998-2002

Wangsters Circa 1998-2002

I am grateful for how it all worked out and to be honest it couldn’t have gone any better. It was great seeing everyone’s faces, catching up with friendships that seemed like the world then, and still are now, talking about future plans, reminiscing about days gone by. It was beautiful.

People that night asked why it took so long for anyone to do such an event, but the roomed filled with more pondering as we realized it was too long in the making. I think because of how much technology has progressed we were amply satisfied with the notion of seeing FB updates, IG pictures, blog postings and the likes from our friends of so long ago that the notion of face to face didn’t cross their minds. But the moment we saw one another in that room technology faded away and status updates became wide armed hugs, IG pictures became one big group photo and blogs well blogs are being posted left and right about the wonderful night we all got to share.

Cant Get No Better

Cant Get No Better

When technology and friendships meet it’s a beautiful thing. I plan to make these reunions a yearly staple from now on and to be honest I cannot wait until next year. But why wait a whole year B)


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