Black Hearted Affair

There is a great appreciation and respect for people who disregard what others in society may think of them to ultimately do, look, feel and act the way they want too, without any restraints. The bold and the brave is how I can categorize the. Crazy hair styles, piercings that don’t make sense and tattoos that can only be considered for pure art if anything less. These are the kind of people I like, which makes me also have an appreciation for the business men of Japan whom dress head to toe in black and white suits and ties only to convey their, also head to toe, body tattoos.

This brings me to my secret obsession of Suicide Girls. Not many people have heard of them, not many that are not into tattoos, crazy piercings, wild hair do’s and just beautiful women in general. This has created somewhat of a little secret still, not amassed to the great public, something that adds to the aura of it.

So what is SG? They are pretty much undertaking what it means to be a pin up girl, celebrating a new, different kind of beauty for women. The result are a bunch of free willed, do what they want, feels how they feel and not give a damn about society’s preconceived ideas of what is beautiful. I must say I love that attitude.

I was able to witness first hand this mentality when I attended their BlackHeart Burlesque show on Sunday evening at the Boston House of Blues. This was my first burlesque show of any kind and I will admit I did not know what to expect, but from social media postings I kind of knew I was in for a good time.

BlackHeart Burlesque

BlackHeart Burlesque

Show Time

Show Time

They really shook the doors on what a burlesque show was and turn it into what it could be, seem like their style really! It was beautifully done from the hostess keeping the audience engaged to the women on stage performing everything happening in pop culture past and present. If you are a nerd you would’ve enjoyed dance numbers relating to Planet of the Apes, Game of Thrones and my favorite of Kill Bill & Storm Troopers and Bobba Fett. My nerdom was really accomplished that night. The music was sort of EDM but all of it upbeat to keep you glued in. Lets also not forget the amount of black X tapes, I will never look at them the same! I don’t remember sitting at any one point in time during the show – even when they had an intermission. They pulled audience members on stage to strut their stuff, enticed some while they were in the crowd and even gave shots of Jack Daniels mouth to mouth to a lucky few; it shows their dedication to their fans.

But how good could this show have been you asked? Well I brought along a friend for the ride of which never even heard of SG before this night and ultimately became hooked on their cause and of course their beauties. That’s how good this show was.

I commend them for challenging the almighty question of ‘What is beautiful’ in society today. If you never heard of them give them a checking out, it’s always great to see life through a different set of eyes.


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