Case Logic SLR Camera/Laptop Gear Bag

Anytime I was ever in a rush to leave the house and had to carry my DSLR out with me it was always ‘wrap it in a sweater and throw it into a backpack’ kind of moment. This was fast, easy and not much of a headache but it soon became an incredible nuisance to me. It was now that I opted to purchase a Case Logic SLR Camera/Laptop Backpack to ease all my pains when I took my gear out for a shoot.

Simply put: this bag is AMAZING. It remedied all of the problems I was having with my much less than adequate previous setup. The design is simple but effective for the needs of carrying your DSLR, multiple lenses, supplies and even your laptop and tripod.

The structure was one of the many things that won me over. It’s rigid and always held its shape, something that my regular backpack would fail at accomplishing. I would more often than not bring my gear out while riding my motorcycle and found that at all times my regular setup would be squished and moved about on my persons. This became something quite annoying once you factored the notion of riding around with an object moving about. The Case Logic never swayed with the high speed winds I would find myself riding through and always stayed in its place. Its bottom base is reinforced with rubber to help when you put it to the ground, absorbing the energy, and to keep it in place, not slipping or slouching about.

Bringing a tripod was never something I entertained before until I purchased the bag. Do I really want to carry around a tripod all day? It hindered my shooting because of the amount of things I need and or wanted to carry. The backpack solved that problem as it has an attachment on the outside to carry a tripod! Problem solved. It also holds up to 100mph+ winds just so you know they work!

On the interior it is quite bright, laced in orange fabric everywhere. It’s sectioned off into compartments with the ability to move the walls, held by strong Velcro, around to adjust the allotted size, helpful for those carrying larger lenses. The beauty of this system was how it held the DSLR in place. Instead of just placing this on the bottom most compartments they have designed a sort of hanging net in the top of the bag. You simply attach a lens to the body and put that forth through the net opening, this suspends the camera in the bag so it never touches anything! Great design aspect in my eyes to be honest and it serves for greater peace of mind.

Last thing I will boast about is the separate compartment that allows you to bring you laptop. Great feature as some shooters would like the ability to edit while they are out shooting. The space for your laptop is of course padded and protected, another peace of mind when carrying around such expensive gear.

On the Fly Editing

On the Fly Editing

With all my equipment in place and having lugged it around multiple times I have to say I am very impressed with the build quality and the thought to design that Case Logic has taken to creating this bag. It has really made my life easier when I go about shooting, now there is even less excuses to be had as to why you don’t have all your needed gear when you shoot!


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