Rooftop Rendezvous Shoot

When you drive from one job to the next over a great duration of time, you find yourself sitting in your car pretty bored out of your mind; at least this happens to me. Over the past several months I would leave one occupation and make way towards another all the while never noticing how boring my commute has become. I realized that everything from the droning of my engine, the lack of stimulating feedback from the road beneath my tires to even the mundane repetitive scenery passing by my window. It was at this point that I realized I needed some perk in my daily commute to not only keep myself at a normal sane level but overall to just enjoy the drive as much as I have come to enjoy the ride on my motorcycle.

Thus my search for a new vehicle began, this time my entire emphasis was on the joy of the drive. My search took me in several directions and through several manufacturers. I pitted their offerings against one another in a gauntlet death match, beating and killing each one until only a few lone survivors made the cut. After my vetting process I took them to my friends, internet gurus and forum experts to gain every bit of knowledge of the car’s I was interested in. After a long strenuous few months of pin pointing and test drive I have nailed the last screw into a coffin of what is to be my next purchase: 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STi.

I can’t complain anymore about my drive as I love this car. I chose the wagon model for the utility features (snowboarding, camping, bicycling) as I lead somewhat of an active weekend lifestyle and this box of metal really fills that need out and then some. Each morning that I come out of my house since my purchase a giddy grin finds itself on my face whenever I look in the direction that my car is parked, it’s like that when you get something you really want. Work hard and reward yourself is my motto, but now I must work hard!

Of course with a car purchase and having friends whom are into four wheels it was only right to have an impromptu photo session on top of an open garage space in the heart of downtown Boston. Without further adieu I present my new unnamed motor vehicle:

My new pride and joy.

Donald Phung’s little gem; a Subaru BRZ.

Remo Ditullio’s little road runner: Mini Cooper S.

Some side by side action of course.

Even with impromptu photo shoots we do have some behind the scene actions courtesy of Donald’s attempts to set up:

It was a great little hangout and we got to converse about cars, which I used to do when I was into the tuning scene but ever since two wheels have taken hold I haven’t had one of these in a few years. Expect more updates to come over the life of my car. Here’s to the new venture!

Sums Up Perfectly

Sums Up Perfectly



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